South / West Yorkshire running shops

Can anyone recommend a decent running shop in south or West Yorkshire? I've had ongoing knee issues since last January and have had to seriously limit my running to 1-2 miles max, so think I need the full gait analysis / fitting see if new shoes will help at all! I always used to go to sportsshoes unlimited in Bradford till it closed down, have tried up&running wakefield and sherunsheruns meadowhall but they don't have much choice so not been able to find anything suitable, id prefer not to buy online as the last pair (asics lahar trail) ended up being an expensive mistake. Thanks!


  • There are two Up and Running shops in Leeds, one in the city centre on Boar Lane and one Otley Road.

    Boar Lane is bigger but Otley Road has a couple of very nice cafes in the same parade of shops. Both have been very helpful to me in the past, although I do live in Leeds so it's easier to order stuff and pick it up if they don't have it in stock.
  • Thanks chloella the boar lane sounds good, I'm off to leeds in a few weeks so will call in image

    I'd prefer a bigger shop so there is more chance of getting something that actually suits my feet rather than the best of a limited selection!
  • Hands down, without a doubt or disrespect to the others mentioned above:

    Accelerate, Attercliffe Road, Sheffield

  • Also a Up&Running in huddersfield image
  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    I've been to both up and running in Leeds before they moved to their new city centre shop, and also sweatshop at castleford, and I can highly recommend the service at sweatshop

  • Thanks for the replies everyone! Sheffield is nearest so will check out accelerate and up & running for now!

  • Another vote for Accelerate, definitely the best in my experience.

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