League of Gentlemen?

Does anyone else watch it and find it funny? (surely there are other warped like minded people out there?!)


  • Got them on tape, and work at Bretton Hall where 2 of them did their degrees- here you don't watch it, you live it!
  • Have watched it and find I have to be in the mood. Drunk and feeling odd it works for me,otherwise I struggle.
  • Phew, I'm not alone... thankyou monique! they are genius!

    Barkles, you're like that every night aren't you?
  • It clashes with 'Men and Motors' on satellite tv.
  • Not if you watch it on BBC choice afterwards!

    Afternoon Snoop, fancy seeing you here!

  • Went to see the "Local Show for Local People" live last year with some mates: their non-Royston Vasey stuff is funny, but not as funny as the RV characters.

    I don't think this series is as great as the previous two, though there are still moments of inspired genius, like Ross and Pauline, erm, getting friendly over the table...
  • That was one of the most disguisting things that make it so funny! Half the time I don't know whether to cringe or laugh!

    I can go home for the weekend knowing I must be quite normal afterall!

  • Pauline is my absolute favourite, and I can do the interview role play with Mickey and Ross off by heart:
    Pauline: What was your last job?
    Mickey: Milk monitor.
    Pauline: And what qualificationsor experience do you have that would make you a suitable choice for this job?
    Mickey: I'm a good swimmer!

  • Changing the subject ever so slightly, did anyone else watch the whole of The Office from behind the sofa!
  • Love it! Love it! Love it!
  • I had a headache from grinding my teeth.
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