Chester half marathon

Anyone got a spare entry for Chester half marathon 12th may? Much appreciated Rachel


  • I have a place up for grabs if anyone is still interested. I entered months ago but I have a sore ankle which has prevented me from training. Can't get a refund so i'm willing to sell it. I can email the organisers and get the place transfered officially.

    Let me know if you're interested.

  • Hi Gary I can buy your place if it is still available? I need 2 places so if anyone else is selling a place let me know. Thanks, Helen
  • Hi Helen,

    Sorry for the slow reply. I'm afraid someone beat you to it. Good luck with finding a place though.

  • I have a spare place. Please let me know if your interested.

    Thanks, Meghan

  • Hello

    I'm looking for a place, I'm definitely interested if there is a place going.

    Thanks, Ben

  • OK Ben H the place is yours! i will contact the organisers to see which info is needed image

  • Brilliant, thanks so much. I tried to send you a PM regarding payment and arrangements but it failed, I'll try again a bit later.

  • Hi any one got a spare place for sale in Chester half marathon ? I'm 10 mins from Chester , 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I have if you want to pm me.

  • I have a spare place if anyone on this thread is still looking.


  • Hi if anyone has a spare place I'd be gratefull.



  • I have a spare place up for grabs if anyone is interested.  Send me a message if interested. Ian

  • I'm probably too late for this thread now but if anyone still out there wanting a place just drop me an email thanksimage

  • Hi, I'm after an entry for Chester half marathon if anyone has a spare one???

    Email me


  • Hi, anyone with a spare place for the chester half marathon please drop me a email

    All the best


  • I have two spare places for Chester Half if anyone would like to take them off me?

  • yes could take one of them?

  • I still have a place if anyone interested. £20 which will donate to my local parkrun.

  • I have a place if anyone wants it. email /forum/smilies/]


  • Wiggly Worm,

    Could I take the other place?

  • Martin and Liam

    Im happy for you to have the places. If you could both confirm you still want them, we can make the arrangements. Text on 07736 066954. Thanks

  • Thank you, my friend who needs the place will text you soon to make arrangements.

    Thanks again 

  • The place I had has gone now. Thanks all those interested in it. 

  • Hi, wiggly worm still has both places available but wants to sell either both of them or neither. I'm ready to take one of them but need someone else to commit to taking the other. Martin hasn't yet responded so else either he or someone else who wantspa place could respond ASAP that would be great, thanks.

  • I now have a place - many thanksimage

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I stil have a place available due to a couple of time wasters. You'll need to pick up the number from me and present it to registration on Sunday. At a pinch I can meet you Sunday morning. First come first served I have saved the place twice now for people who didn't follow up.


  • Hi, I now have a place, thanks.

  • I have spare place in race call / tx mobile , 07707124519

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