Sunday 14th April

Dance to the beat of the livin dead
Lose sleep baby and stay away from bed

What 10ish
Why Tapered LSR

Ran without closk watching so was probably a bit fast for sensible 10.39m @ 6:37 av.



  • Sounds like youre in good fettle Postie

    Yesterdays words were Tour de France by Kraftwerk - It came to mind as i was contemplating my long spin, although I was more expecting the Hell of the North

    6 to 8 miles later

  • Morning.

    Just popping in quickly as entertaining the in-laws. Don't seem to have any ill effects from yesterday's run which is good but am being cautious so will rest today - well, if you can count a day out shopping with the MiL as rest.

    What:          nothing
    Why:           see above
    Last hard:    seeing the number on the scales this morning
    Last rest:     12/4

    Lyrics - no sure that I do.

  • What: rest probably

    Why: calves a bit achey after yesterday and weather for kayaking (gales through night although settled just now)

    Last hard: yesterday

    Last rest: Friday

    Lyrics: no

    LM.H don't be so silly (wrt scales!)

    PP good going

    Weather cold and gray here
  • I don't want to be carrying around any more than I have to OH!

  • Same as postie.... 10.41m in 80 mins...

    Feeling good, just want next week to come....

    Take care

  • morning all
    not sure what happened but had planned a steady 2hrs/15-16 miler...went to bed after MotD and woke up an hour later, throwing up & diarrohea for the next 3-4 hours. Don't think its something I ate, as we just had salad / cooked meats for tea, and rest of the family OK. 
    Feel like death warmed up now, so may go back to bed...
    Annoying to say the least.

  • Afternoon!

    Hope it goes as quickly as it came, Dustin.

    Lyrics: no


    What: 5 mins/stretch/18 mins slow struggle on mixed surfaces
    Why:  legs are still feeling batered from Friday's QofP, plus the wind was sufficently hard to be blowing tables and chairs from outside a coffee shop into the road.

  • Dustin: image   sounds very much like norovirus ... family will probably be next. Hope it's the "light" 24 hour version ...

    nice quick running postie & RFJ.

    what: 13.1 easy miles
    why: final long run before jogging round Hamburg for 26.2 next week
    last hard: Tuesday
    last rest: Thursday

  • Hope it goes as quickly as it came Dustin - lots of hand washing.

    chickadeee - that's a long run a week before your marathon.

    Alehouse - equally windy here.

  • 8 miles this morning around the streets of Liverpool, well technically around the streets of Hale and then onto the 'Trans Penine Trail' which was quite nice! image  Went fast despite the early hour and the wind, felt good. image

  • donaldo Have the avenues of Hale now been usurped by merseyside?image

    Sun came out later today but accompanied by stiff wind.

  • OH: it is a different Hale...mind you if Don had continued on the Trans Pennine Trail he would have passed the end of my road and ended up in HM!

  • OH - ye, this Hale is next to Speke in Liverpool - my relatives live in Speke and recommended I run somewhere nice and rural.  

    alehouse - looks like a good trail, do you use it for training?

  • Don: the TPTrail is quite varied. The part I use is actually on the banks of the Mersey, in the main, so I was running on it well before it became an official route! Whilst I live on the edge of the big city I go to the end of my road and it is "nice and rural", which is why I bought the house 30 years ago and have never moved!

  • Aha

    (but with the reference to the transpennine trail, you maybe can understand my confusion!image )
  • evening all

    postie mine was an easy 10, not as fast as yours though image

    dustin hope that passes quick, I know a few people who have had that recently

    rfj I just want next week here too, nice nd cool and not like today

    what@ 10 miles in 1.40,bit warm for my liking

    why: schedule

    last hard: some of today yet now I dont even feel like I ran 10 miles, thats nice

    last easy: yesterday

    oh I was on bbc london chatting to jenni barnett today, how mad! I text I was doing vlm and my daughters coming home from peru, its number 10 etc etc nd they rang and said did I want to talk live to Jenni! I was like a crazy woman, have listened to it and I sound mad!




  • Sounds cool, Wabo-radio star! When do the girls arrive?
  • Wabo - congrats on the interview - very exciting. Your training has been going well.

    Dustin - hope you are feeling better soon.

    Chickadee - good luck for your marathon - you have done some high quality training.

    Postie - you are very quick.

    Little Miss Happy - hope you come up nicely for the big day.

    What: Stacking firewood. Yesterday 29km hilly.

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