Talkback: Your Say: Highs and lows of marathon training

Been told I have Pleurisy just as I was going to start my Ultra Marathon training. Looking forward to getting rid of this and will have to start again. image


  • Please tell me how long it took to heal! I've had pleurisy for a month now from pneumonia. Seems when I try exercising our doing anything other than sure at Mr deskit makes it worse.  Dry cough still present which aggravates it also.  No running for a month! When will this end? Worse pain next to child birth!image

  • Hi Sherry, Sorry for the delay. I came down with Pleurisy in Feb and I'm still suffering. I have heard it can take up to 6 months or more. I have just been offered Steriods but have refused due to concerns of the the side effects. I'm still taking anti inflamatories and pain killers. All I can do is wait. I go to the gym and look after the bottom half but can't do a lot with the top half. Any repetative upper half movement aggrivates my chest. I have secreativley done the odd 6 mile run but feel sure it causes some chest pain for a day or two. The frustration has been the hardest for me. Yes I aggree the pain is terrible and I have shed many a tear whilst clutching my chest. If you can go to the doctor and ask for some pain releif, I did when I could not stand it any more. Your not alone and I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Best Wishes Amanda 

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