Pain in top of foot- now moved to arch. Marathon in 1wk :(

Sorry for the long post..I would be really grateful for any help or advice, I was due to be running a marathon in 1week image I was training for a first (and only!) marathon, started taper and due to a cold had only run 1x10km in a week. At the end of the week went for a slow 7km stroll, when I came back i took off my trainer and was hit with this intense pain all over my foot. I rested it completely & iced it for a week. Had it xrayed and told no fracture. The pain was on the very boney top part of the foot, but only hurt when I walked- at the end of the step the toes were about to leave the floor. I could hop on it with no pain. On day 6 i massaged the top area a bit a jelly lump appeared on the surface. Relaced trainers on day 7 and took a small walk on it, it actually felt ok! However, I then caught the foot funny and got the intense pain again - but the pain has moved position -the top feels ok and it is now running along the inside of the foot along the arch and is throbbing constantly (12hrs on). Touch doesn't seem to cause any pain. But I feel it if I stretch my foot and toes back towards my shin. My calves, bottom part of leg feels tight- tho maybe this is due to not walking/bit of limping for a week? There has been no swelling


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    Not sure what to say about this.  Sounds very much like as if it is a metatarsal fracture/stress fracture but you say you've had an X-ray?  Doesn't sound like tendonitis either.  Better get some professional advice.  If the pain is intense I'm not sure you should be running a marathon at the w/e.  Perhaps aim for another one? (And beware saying it will be your only marathon!!  I thought that in 1999 and now I've done 82.)

  • Thanks mr T Rex!

    Yeh, they said not fractured.

    I have taken a few anti inflammatories the last couple days and also went to the physio today.

    The pain actually 'seems' to have gone.. After the poking and prodding today the arch area felt aggregated, but not really painful

    82!?!?.. That is crazy.. Amazing crazy!!
  • Pain is now back in the top of my foot image
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    I think you must have an injury new to science!

    C'mon people/online physios - what's this?

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