older ex triathlete

i am an ex triathlete completed an ironman could do around 36 mins for a 10k then discovered sex drugs and rock and roll but always ran. that was a long time ago i am 51 and i struggle to do a 50 min 10 k. i run quite fresh at the weekend but during the week after work i more than often have to walk home after a couple of miles. whats happened and can i improve, thanks in anticipation


  • think its sorted now

  • Blimey!   that was quick .... what's your secret?  image

  • didnt think anyone was interested

  • You didnt tell us how often you run, how hard, how long. I guess nobody could answer on such little info.

    How did you solve it ? It might be of interest to others suffering ?
  • ok, i probably run about 25 miles a week not a lot, anyway like i say the weekends when i am fresh its reasonable but after work sometimes i felt really unresponsive and more often than not would have to walk home with mild cramp and a distended stomach. now i chew gum one after the other and i stopped and it seemed ok. 

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