Is bike cross training ok?

Hi, I am running the London Marathon next week and whilst doing my final 20 mile long run 2 weeks ago I picked up an IT Band injury. I went to see a physio who has given me stretches, ice routine and foam rolling to help get me ready. I have was also told that I could bike in replacement for my taper runs as biking causes no pain. I know the hard training is done but wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else and if they found bike to be a good replacement for running and didn't lose fitness? Thanks


  • I haven't got any experience but according to my masseur and common sense it is the closest thing, as it works your legs and sustains your lung capacity.

  • Thanks, that's reassuring image
  • I am in the same position, I have tendonitis in my right ankle which came on only after my last long run of 21.5 miles 2 weeks ago.

    Since then I havent run but been doing spinning classes, the tendon is settling and I have been told and reassured many times that the hard work is done and I wont loose fitness, 

    Oh well by this time next week we will know one way of the other good luck Adam

  • Sorry to hear about your injury, I ams sure it will be ok come race day with a little rest.

    Thanks, fingers crossed - either way it should be a great day.

    Good luck
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