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Hi, yes another watch query. I'd be grateful for any advice and watches recommended that cover the following: Show current pace, minutes per mile Overall distance and average pace Race against previous workout/set a workout goal Easy to use and download info Shows map of route ( when downloaded) I've looked at various questions on here and looked online but can't seem to find a watch that covers the above. The Garmin 110 looked good but one site said it doesn't show current pace when you're running? I'm used to using endomondo and strava but want to stop carting my phone around. The apps are not accurate either. Thanks for your time


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  • Apart from "Race against previous workout" any of the Garmins will do what you want. Look at the Garmin website at the Forerunner watches to see which do "Virtual Racer" for racing against previous workout. Certainly the 610 and 910 do, but not sure if the more basic ones do or not.

  • I've got a Garmin FR 410, and you can setup a Virtual Partner based on a previous workout, though to be fair I've not tried it out.

    I'd have thought the 110 also does show pace if you set it up correctly, on the 410 you can configure multiple data screens with a choice of about 30 different metrcis so it's fairly configurable.

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    If I was buying at the moment, I'd pick up a 410 rather than a 110 as I think there's only about £5 difference on the Amazon web site.  The 410 model has been dicontinued, so in a couple of months the price will have doubled for the last remaining few (if it follows the same pattern as the 305).


  • The Garmin FR10 does everything you're describing, and does indeed give you live feedback on your current pace.

    Had mine a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it.

  • Go to a running shop and explain to them what you want and ask if any of the staff use them for training. I have Polar RCS GPS which I bought on a recommendation and it is brilliant and the software far exceeds my needs at my level of training. It is a bit expensive but shop around. Go to the websites for all the products you are thinking of and read up and compare all of the. Also read all the reviews in running mags and the Internet and you tube.

    Good luck.
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