Heart rate and knee turning in

Ok, so just joined and wanting advice on two areas on my running.  After years of competitive sport and more recently cycling.

Fistly.  My heart rate on the parkrun was between 184 and 195, and to set faster times I need to reduce the HR.  Does long slow distance work?

Second.  I went to a gait analysis session (free as it happens) due to other sports I play, where they noticed that my knees turn in slightly as my weight transfers from heel to toes.  Apparently this is inefficient, and I was told that I need to strengthen my inner thigh muscles to pull my knee in line.  Also walking then jogging concentrating on making my knee go over the second toe.

Any further ideas?  I'm in my mid forties, so not looking to set world records, but would be nice to break 21 minutes for the 5k and am thinking about doing some duathlons / adventure races with mates.



  • My knee turns in too. Physio gave me exercise to strengthen quads and glutes and knee bends to guide my knee to the right place. Hurts like a bitch after big hills/long distances!



  • 1. Do most of your runs at a nice steady pace you could chat at. Make sure you run over distance.

    When you have a decent base - introduce a speed session into the week - intervals or something. If you're doing parkrun I'd just keep it like that - that can be your speed session.
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