What traiing for off-season?

Here in Hong Kong the weather is warming up and most of the key races have been run, getting into off-season.

Over the last 6 months I have regularly run 5x a week, total mileage around 50K+, consisting:

  • Sunday - Long run / Monday - recovery run / Tuesday - speed session / Thursday - mid paced or tempo run / Saturday - slow jog

Very successful season with 6 races from 10K to HM, and 5 podium places (age group only...)  yeah!

I ran my last race 2 weeks ago.  Now, with no specific goal I am wondering what I should do!  I would like to keep my fitness up and to be honest, running is a habit now - I get a thrill from getting sweaty and having to wash my gear.

What are the key sessions I need to do?  What about the hard speed sessions?  Do I need to run 5x a week?

Racing season doesn't start till late September, so I guess serious training should start around July.  It is hard to run through summer hear, but it is just a matter of aclimatising to the humid (90 degrees) and hot (32 degrees) conditions, and adjusting to what your body tells you.

Great to see what I should do over the next few months.

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