Ronhill Shorts / Twin layer shorts

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Daft question, i'm normally a nike shorts girl, but all my shorts needs changing as i've lost weight and am a bit worried about em falling down image

Gone from L to small since it got to cold to wear shorts, anyway i wore nike tempo shorts last year, but have a couple of nice ronhill tops that are comfy so was wondering does anyone have any feedback on their shorts, if they are comfy to wear, either the normal ones or the trail / twin ones whatever they are called? 

Also do you know any sites seling them at a decent price image


  • I bought some of the twin trail ones recently. I've not worn them on a long run yet but they have seemed comfy for 5k or so. I think the sizing is on the small side though. I am usually a 12 or medium and needed a 14 in these. I got mine on Amazon and they were very cheap, about £12 I think. If you can get them at that price I would give them a go!


  • i have their patriot and cargo race shorts, by FAR the highest quality shorts i own, 

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Ordered a pair through wiggle forgot about amazon I always do with clothes!! Silly me, could have saved about ??2.50

    They arrive tomorrow image

    Looking forward to trying them.

    I'm going to look like a ronhill advert for the Milton Keynes Marathon if they are comfyimage
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