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According to experts in the running shops I’ve visited when buying new shoes over the past few years I’m a moderate overpronator and have bought stability type shoes as a result.

Recently I found out I have quite weak hip muscles – I’ve been getting occasional pain on my left side, occasional sore hip/side/lower left back muscles.

As a result, I’ve been making a bit of effort to strengthen up that area recently, a few exercises and stretches every couple of days - I think it could be benefitting already.

I’m now wondering whether stability shoes could be compounding the problem? They stop your knees/legs collapsing inwards don’t they – but maybe also stop your hip working and doing the stabilising? Maybe neutral shoes next would be best? What do you think?

I run about 10-15km a week usually in about 2-3 sessions, and have been running for quite a few years. I’ve had achilles problems in the past but seem to be over them now, and knees are generally OK!



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    I have been running in stability shoes for the past 3 year - Saucony Stabils, so about as stabilising as you can get!

    I have weak glutes and hip flexors and over the past few months I have made a big effort to strengthen them and do more core work.  I've also slowly been changing my gait from being a heavy heel striker to a more midfoot strike - this is still a work in progress!

    However, since my gait and posture have changed, I have noticed that my stability shoes don't feel right any more - I started to get a niggle in my right knee and it felt as though my feet weren't landing in a comfortable way any more.  Took myself off for another gait analysis and it turns out that as a result of the changes I've made, I no longer overpronate.  I now run in Saucony Guides which are neutral with a bit of support and I love them.  The knee niggle cleared up and my feet feel good again.

    That was the long answer to your question.  Please remember that this is only anecdotal, but yes, it could be that your shoes are no longer the right ones for you due to the chnages you've made.  Another gait analysis might be a good idea.

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