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I have trained for 4 months for the London Marathon,  After my last long training run (22 Miles) 30/03/2013 i felt a dull ache and soreness in my left hamstring.  I rested for a week and started the Blackpool Half a week later.  As soon as i set off the pain down the back of my thigh was agony and i had to pull out.  My physio says i have a strained bicep femoris which is causing nerve issues as well.  I have been told i can no longer race but depending how i get on this week i could jog it round.  I was on for a sub 4 and now feel gutted. How long do you think for a full recovery and would anybody risk doing the marathon or should i defer and concentrate on the other events i have planned for 2013.  All advice would be appreciated.  P.S i tried a slow jog on Saturday and it was still painful. 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I would defer. You could do more damage if you try to get around. Also having to go a lot slower than you want to whilst getting overtaken by people in fancy dress would make me very miserable on the day.
  • Well, from what you have written here  (pain as soon as you run / nerve issues)  I would pull out, recover fully and try in 2014.

    The distinction between 'racing' and 'jogging' the event is not relevant in my view and should not distract from the fact that it still hurt this weekend


  • ...and as Millsy says, when you're hobbling down the Embankment and being overtaken by a couple of paramedics who are carry an (unladen) stretcher between them as they're carrying out their duties, it sort of redefines 'cheesed off'

    - especially when the crowd are cheering them on to overtake you.


  • Sounds grim! Having banked decent training I'm sure you are tempted to give it a go Simone and only you can really decide if your physio's not telling you not to run.

    There's always next year or perhaps another marathon later this year when you are recovered.

    I know somebody who has already deferred due to injury getting in the way and will most probably be toeing the line in 2014.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do image

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I know just how you feel and it's gutting but the thing that helped me get over it was this question

    - what is more important to me, getting round VLM at any cost or being active for the rest of the spring, summer, doing a few races and not being potentially fecked up.

    If you pull out, it's gutting at first, but you go through the phases of upset, how unfair it, how it was all going so well, how you wanted that pb/sub 4. You then finally get to acceptance (with a twinge of anger) and start to think about other things.

    I feel for you though.  Sorry image

  • Thanks everyone for your honest replies,   I think i know deep down it's a defer but the feeling is gutting. 

    At least next year i can say i have run a race with Mo Farrah image



  • Hi simone, although I kinda have to agree with the others on here I do have two other bits of advice. Firstly, I have had a similar injury a few years ago also while training for VLM. Te thing that helped me most of all was strengthening my gluten by doing a series of wall squats (squats with back against an exercise ball) use weights if needed also.

    Secondly, although I would be inclined to defer, getting into the marathon is very difficult and if you can have a second crack at it next year hopefully injury free, you can do yourself justice (i deferred last year for the same reason) however, if you do choose to have a go, then you will need to entirely re-think your goals. The marathon does not have to be about a personal challenge and a good time. It is the most amazing race and the support is incredible. I've known people pick up an illness or injury before the race and then choose to take part but walk run, soak up the atmosphere, high five all the kids, clap the bands and.take your time. Personally, I would defer, but it's not the only option
  • HI Andrew,

    I've deferred, it's an awful feeling but at least i can get myself fit for next year. 

    Thanks for the exercises i'll gve them a try image

  • I am in the same position with a knee problem which reared its head after the last long run. I know I should defer but as I deferred last year well in advance because I wanted to run this year. I had not factored in injury. So I am giving up my chance to run it at all. Will have to re-enter the ballot again (and again).
  • Hi Simone I know how you are feeling but you have made the right decision, I have done the same today after suffering with tendonitis for the last 3 weeks and being unable to run,

    I had convinced myself it would get better and although yes its improved there is still discomfort and I am not happy to run on it, I was torn between starting and seeing how I got on giving myself the option to DNF if it gave my grief...or just slow right down and just do it for the hell of it (which again isnt me)..either way I could have left myself in a worse position than I am now with a prolonged recovery...pointless... so I shall concentrate on recovery and Abingdon in Oct

    Good luck I hope you are fully recovered soon..VLM isnt the be all and end all...being fit and able to run is..image

  • i am not experienced runner , but if it hurts i wouldn't run on it  - common sense to me ! must be frustrating having trained so long , but if you damage it further, you may cause a more serious injury which could takes months to recover from

    i am currently sulking about minor injury and not ran for a week   - rest up  - and focus on next target

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