Run Fatboy, Run

Hi. I've just started running and want some advice about keeping it up.


I'm 35, 6'3" and over 20 stone. I'm in the gym fairly regularly lifting weights but cardio bores me to tears (treadmills - what's the point?) - and I find it difficult . That said, I know I need to change my diet and exercise regime so I've started a circuit around Wandsworth Bridge to Battersea Bridge and back. The route I take is about 6km - I've done it three times this week and I feel pretty good about it. Legs are sore but I'm improved already from my (admittedly terrible) first time...


I'm going to invest in some running shoes. I've checked my wet foot imprint - it's not flat but I definitely over pronate. Given my weight and running style, can someone please recommend a decent shoe? I probably won't spend more than £100 (and would rather pay £60) and I've got a thing for Adidas if I'm allowed to be picky. 


Cheers. I hope I keep it up.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Hi Andy, you're making very good progress to already be covering a 6km circuit.

    Your best bet is to go to a specialist running shop and get a shoe fitting with them.  They will do a gait analysis on a treadmill etc, as its almost impossible to identify pronation without high speed video recording.  

    They should have a number of shoes available under £100, and you can see f the Adidas ones suit you.  Being a londoner you'll be spoilt for choice of shop, but Sweatshop offer a shoe return policy & also stock Adidas so it might be worth checking them if there is a branch near you.


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