Trying to start again...

Hi everyone

My name is Sean, I'm 24 and live in a village in Northamptonshire. I'm about 6ft 1" and weigh between 17 and 18 stone.

My previous experience with running has mainly been on treadmills in gyms. At my fittest I was doing 10k runs in an hour.

Last year, I entered to run The British 10k but never actually got round to it and, to be honest, I've been pretty static since last summer.

I think my next step is to take up outdoor running. Mainly because I won't have to pay gym membership and I love the fresh air.

Having done some research, I think I'm going to buy some Asics Gel Fuji Attack trainers; I have a 7 mile reservoir circuit near me which will be my main training area.

Anyway, I'm just here to introduce myself and ask for some tips. Any advice on essential equipment to get me started?

Hopefully soon I will enter a race and finish it!

Thanks, Sean Wilkinson


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    1: Trainers - appropriate for you.

    2: Trainers, make sure you get good trainers.

    3: Hummm, trainers.

    4: Did I mention good trainers.

    Worry about your feet, get decent trainers, try and get your gait analysed if possible, and you are off to the best possible start.  If you have trainers that are not suited to you or to tight etc.. (you need room to breath and wiggle your toes, lots of room). Then you are messed up to begin with.

    After that it's fantastic, any techincal tops and shorts are fine, over time you might prefer a style or make of clothing that you prefer, but to begin with anything cheap will do, just not cotton to sweaty, just get a technical outfit of some sort and go for it.

    Experiment with socks with your footwear, some swear by skinny socks, some wear two skinny pairs, i'm a one pair of thick padded socks girl myself.  But, really it all stems from the feet up. 

    If you are a gadget person then if you really do get into your running you can look at apps, or possibly better, a decicated GPS Watch but all you really need to care about is getting decent shoes, that are appropriate for you and the sort of conditions you are running on.  if you aren't sure walk the resevoir before going to look at shoes so you can say i mainly run on X surface, if you go to sweatshop you can return within a month as long as you get another pair of the same value or greater, so that might be worth looking at if you aren't sure about what will suit you best.

  • Hi BW,

    First tip: don't just buy random running shoes because you like the look of them.

    Go to a running shop, get your gait analysed and buy the right ones for you.

    Good luck - enjoy running outdoors!

  • Thanks guys. I've got a pair on order now. Going to Northampton Parkrun tomorrow morning, hoping for a sub 30 minute time. Will keep you posted.

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