Do antihistamine's effect your ability to run?

I've been suffering with a runny nose for the last two weeks and for the last two days this has transformed in to flu like symptoms. My eyes are burning and I feel like I have a termperature. Am I better off running my first marathon this weekend like this or is it ok to take antihistamines? Do antihistamines negatively impact your ability to run in any way? I haven't taken antihistaines in years so i have between now and the weekend to find one that doesn't make me fall asleep image


  • Afternoon!

    I googled this before my marathon last week as I was a bit worried about the same thing. Most of the results seemed to suggest that they didn't cause any problems although they might give you dry eyes which might be uncomfortable but it depends on whether you think a constantly running nose and streaming eyes is worse than possibly dry eyes!

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    Thanks very much image
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