13 Days till My Big Day

Hi guys ive got my 1st half marathon on the 28th, training has gone ive managed to hit 13 miles last weekend which i completed in 1 hour 52 minutes. Since then ive did a 3 mile easy the day after that run. Then 10th i did a 6 mile speed work which i done in 50 minutes and on Friday i ran 10 miles with 5 hills in the route but completed it in 1 hour 25 minutes. Sunday i did speed work again so i ran 4 miles in 31.52 secs which was 7.54 min per mile. Today ive just done 3 mile easy again. I m planning to run half the marathon route tommorow to get a feel for it so may do 8 -10 mile in it. What i would like to know is what should i do from now till a week sunday regarding training and any ideas on what i could do to improve my diet from now till the race. Im a complete novice but hoping someone with a lot more experience can help me, thanks


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    Don't do to much!! you seem to have it all covered.  Anything within the last 2 weeks won't really improve you it will just wear you out, make sure you stay loose, but apart from that just relax and enjoy the building nerves.

    Seriously it's 13.1 miles that's it... don't run to much of it tomorrow, but you've already done the long slow runs, seriously don't burn yourself out by overrunning now and not being ready on the day. 

    I'm sure people that know a lot more then me will be able to give you advice on food, but it's only going to be less than 2 hours on your feet, so you don't need to go to an extreme change of diet.  Plus you've done 13 already what did you do then did you take any food or gels whilst running that? As it's only another 100m on top of that, did you feel that you were flagging and in need of any gels or anything?

  • Hi thanks for your reply, on that 13 mile run i didnt have anything, i was struggling last 2 miles but motivation kicked in i guess. I know i can can grab water in the race but i may take 1 gel with me just in case, I am really looking forward to it i will get nervous i always do lol. I just hope i dont set out to fast on the day as im aiming to beat 2 hours if i can. My diet is ok i find it hard to cut out chococate but always have bran flakes or porridge with a banana. Dinner and tea is usually meat based and have pasta veg and potatoes most of the time. But i do eat chocolate im hoping it doesnt effect my fitness image

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    If you've not used gels in the past try eating them on a short run just to get used to it.  I think if you are going to go down the Gel route you should possibly take two one after about 40 mins that kicks in just after the hour and one at around 60/70 minutes that will kick in around 1.5hours.


    I don't think a bit of chocolate will harm you image weight wise, try to eat normally really, not to fatty in the last couple of days, and a bit of carb loading the night before, but not over the top, sometimes you can eat to much and just be stuffed on the day! It's feeling comfortable but just trying to help your body out a little bit more then normal.  So try to cut down or cut out alchohol... having alchohol in your system will just make your body have to work clearing that out when ideally you want it just concentrating on your running.

    Common Sense which you seem to have, and just be that little bit nicer to your body.

  • I may try and get one for tommorow for my run, i dont really drink to be honest only on special occasions. I do drink diet coke a lot and water as well. Thanks for your time, cant wait to get going now image

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    I'm in the "I drink way to much diet coke for my own good" brigade. Oh well, must have some vices left after cutting out take aways and nearly all alcohol image

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    Oh and good luck, come back and tell us how it goes.

  • yeh will deffo thankyou !

  • Ran 8 miles of the course this morning and completed it in 1 hour 3 minutes, can't beleive how good i went and faster than ever before. 7.53 minutes per mile, think im nearly ready image

  • Just got to keep a lid on it now Stephen and look after yourself, all the best for the 28th!

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