Which shoes, and what to do next...?

Hi everyone.
I have a few dilemmas, any advice from you knowledgeable people would be much appreciated!

I am running the Malvern Hills Marathon on June 22nd.
The training has been going well but about a week ago I picked up a minor injury. I think it is Plantar fasciitis. I have a slight pain in my arch and towards my heel. To be honest its not too bad, but I can tell if it gets much worse it would be a spanner in the works. I'm not panicking (yet) but know that upcoming decisions on:
 • training
 • footwear
could decide if I make the marathon or not.

Training. The plan was to really intensify the training now, but my foot feels like it needs resting (I did 11miles yesterday but it feels sore today). Im thinking the foot could be rested for a few weeks whilst I get cardio work through swimming, core work at the gym, and cycling (with my stiff cycling shoes, cycling doesn't seem to aggravate the injury). Maybe cut out road running and only run off road on softer surfaces? What do you think?

Footwear. I guess now the time to say that I have only recently gotten into serious running so I am inexperienced. So in terms of trainers, I don't know what to do. My fitness is pretty good from cycling and gym but I only started running regularly last autumn. My longest run has been 14.7miles in 1hr 59mins, slow in the general scene of things but Im buzzing from the training and feeling good.
So… don't know what trainers go for. I think I moderately over pronate (from results of the wet foot on paper test..). The last few pairs of trainers Ive had have been New Balance 749's. They seem to offer some support for the OP and I've been happy with them but are they good enough now I am putting in more miles? Maybe the injury is related to wrong footwear? I have the option of having a Gait Test at Birmingham Runner or Up and Running. Is there any particular info I should be looking to get from the test? (I've not had one before).
Im looking for a light trail shoe and can stretch to around £80.
Any advice would be massively appreciated!

If this is relevant, Im 5' 10" and 11 1/2 stone.

Thanks in advance,


  • The good news is that in trail shoes you're not really looking for stuff about pronation, it's more about what type of grip you're wanting. Find shoes which fit your feet (e.g. not too narrow) and which are suitable for the type of trails you'll be using them on.

    If you have PF, try freezing water in a 500 mL bottle and rolling your foot over that - I'm told it helps.

    Training on trail rather than road is always good (well, nearly always - not so great when you have an injury to muscles stabilising your ankles).

  • Hi Debra

    Thanks for the advice. The frozen bottle does seem to work nicely. Ive not ran this week (just cycled and core sessions at gym) and have used the frozen bottle to massage and it feels like its on the mend.

    Im shopping for shoes next weekend so will take your advice. It makes sense that pronation isnt as important on the softer more uneven ground.

    Thanks again


  • Glad to have been able to help - good luck with the PF and with finding good trail shoes.

  • After how many miles does your arch pain kick in? I run in new balance 860 and mizuno wave inspire 9s. These are supposed to offer more support for PF-but depends on how bad yours is. For me I erradicated my PF through stretching then it came back not too long after. Still managed to run a marathon with it but its annoying!
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