Boston Marathon

Why on earth target a marathon......must have been horrendous for all involved....estimated 50 injured so far at least.

seems no sense



  • God knows what goes through some peoples' minds. Truly shocking.
  • Just watching on the news...just can't believe it
  • I keep on hoping that they have got it wrong and its an accidental explosion........a bombing just seems so unbelievable

     feel for everyone taking part

  • Scary time for all involved

    Thought with any runners, family & spectators caught up in this

  • Lunacy.

  • Scared to click some on the links on Twitter - horrendous scenes.

    For anyone concerned about individuals, chip updates are still working so you can see where they last checked in.
  • it gets worse the 26 mile was dedicated to the 26 who died in the sandy hook school last year and lots of their familes and friends were there to mark the 26th mile image

  • Awful news. US news are saying bombs but no fatalities yet ? Let's hope that's true.

    So sad for everyone concerned.
  • Can't stop watching the rolling news, it's awful. 

  • Hard to imagine there won't be dead, limbs were reported "flying".  Can't see how you get that without fatalities.

    Absolutely awful to see, utterly depressing.

  • 2 dead and 22 injured. So awful.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Tragic.  Pointless.

  • Who  targets marathon runners? It's so fucking sick image

  • Awful news.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    If you are on twitter follow @BostonGlobe for updates.
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Crazy. Awful.
  • Awful thing to happen. So sorry for everyone involved.

  • Could have been worse too - 2 unexploded devices made safe.

  • Can't believe it, it's awful. 

  • Heard from my friends in Boston, they are thankfully ok, but said that local news is reporting other undetonated devices are being found around the city. 

  • just heard. awful.

  • reporting an estimated 500000 spectators! It could have been a whole load worse image

    Thoughts definitely go out to the 2 familys who lost members image
  • Another explosion at the JFK library apparently, not thought to be connected originally. Awful.

  • Terrible stuff.... people from RW US which I know and met were running, they're all ok fortunately. 

    Very sad day... touching us too close as runners... seeing fellow runners in that situation on a what is supposed to be a fun and epic day.

  • Mobile services shut down, incase of remote detonations, 100 treated in hospitals image
  • This all reminds me a bit of Hillsborough, in the sense that because it involves something I do regularly it brings it a bit closer to the bone. Horrible.

  • hello I'm a journalist at ITV News do you know anyone who was running in the boston marathon. We are keen on speaking to them. Please email me on or call me on 020 7430 4411. Thanks

  • Disgraceful... but then the sort of idiots that set off bombs are sick individuals anyway.

    It has made me think twice about going to the VLM this weekend.

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