Is it bad manners... speed up when a total stranger overtakes you while out running (well he was running, I was jogging I assume) and see how long you can keep up for?

which was about 100 yards before he caught sight out of me of the corner of his eye and nearly jumped out of his skin and seemed to belt off even faster.  He was wearing headphones, see.

Just wondered if I had committed some sort of faux pas!  Was enjoying watching how he put his feet down.


  • I'd not have a problem with it. I probably would kick to see if I could drop you though when I realised.

    I'd not do it with a lady runner - that might make her feel uncomfortable - but blokes - yeah. Why not.
  • That's the problem with running with ear phones in! I try and run with them at a v low volume (especially in the dark!) but got a very big fright when I got overtaken by a male runner up a big hill ( I couldn't hear him over the sound if my laboured breathing!!lol)

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    cougie wrote (see)

    I'd not do it with a lady runner - that might make her feel uncomfortable - but blokes - yeah. Why not.

    I'd probably only feel uncomfortable if some bloke seemed to be following me, but if I'd overtaken him first I probably wouldn't mind if he then wanted to race a bit.

  • Following the theme, is it rude (or sanitary) to ask another runner for a swig from their water bottle mid-race?  This happened to me at about mile 10 of a half marathon recently.  I was a bit shocked when I felt a hand on my shoulder (I was listening to loud music).

  • Fergosi - surely it has to be rude!  Yuck!

    Cougie - is kicking to see if you can drop me the same as drop-kicking me or am I misunderstanding?  I will keep a greater distance if I'm likely to attract a violent reaction.

    A similar thing happened to me years ago on a bike and this bloke came heaving up behind me from some distance off "just to see if he could catch up" and ended up chatting me up and taking me for a cup of tea... It could be creepy though if someone followed me home.

  • Fergosi - gosh they must have been desperate! But let's face it, running is not the most sanitary pursuit image

    Mad4Morris - I've done this, once in crocs image , but then I am not within anyone's top profiling group for "axe murderer" or similar. I think if it's clear they can take you there's no problem.

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