Another knee thread

Hi guys,

Wondered whether anyone can give me some advice.

I'm a new runner, been doing about three weeks since I last ran over 20 years ago!

I stepped up to 10k a week last Saturday and didn't find it too difficult - all off road on trails. I went out on Saturday along some slightly harder trails with some steep (ish) up and down hills.

At the 5k mark I felt a weakness in the outside of my left knee. I carried on but had to give up at 6.5k as felt a bad pain (I think it was on the outside and underneath the knee).

I've done some internet searching and seems like it could be an ITB but I'm really unsure. I appreciate that nobody could diagnose from this but does ITB seem likely? If so then is there any use in anything other than rest - like some kind of knee strapping?

I'm planning on not running until Saturday and hope it clears up by then.Currently my knee feels ok walking - I get no pain but can feel a little weak when on the stairs.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to contributing to this site in the future.




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    Dave as an itb sufferer can you confirm that in theory you cannot make it worse if you run on it, if you can cope with the discomfort?
  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the response and I guess it's good to have a diagnosis.

    If you think this week is too soon for a long run then is it too soon for a short one. I have a tough-ish half marathon in approx 8 weeks and as a new runner don't have much time to get ready.

    I've read conflicting messages about the foam that it can actually do more bad than good for ITB. What are people's thoughts on here.

    ....and thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
  • Thanks again.

    I went for a short run along a flat trail yesterday and could feel a little weak but got through it aft using stretches I'd seen on here.

    My ITB strap turned up yesterday and I went of the same run there and felt 'strong' much so that I came back on an uneven stretch. I got through it (with very little pain) but will be trying to stick to the flat this week.

    The roller should have arrived yesterday but didn't. Should be starting on that tomorrow.

    Thanks again for advice and tips on here and other threads.
  • You've only been running three weeks after a 20 year break? Unless you're walking 90% of it 10K is a bit much straight out the box! Take it steady, go back to square one and build up your strength. Nobody would expect to go to the gym for the first time and immediately bench press 120kgs, it's exactly the same with running, getting carried away in the beginning will do far more long term harm than good.

  • Yeah but it's hard to stop when running is so enjoyable yet so easyimage

    That is a joke.....I started down the path next to a local river running over 90% of 3k but at a fairly easy pace of 8km (ish). Over a couple of runs built up to running the whole way.....stepped up to 6k and then 10k, none of it seemed particularly hard (other than the first couple of runs).

    I am starting again with this ITB but am finding it really hard not to just go for a proper 'blast'.

    BTW I've read it's and hope it doesn't seem like a boast. In no way am I a natural athlete it's just that running seems to come natural......shame I stopped for beer, football and other recreational 'hobbies' image
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