Shin Splints From Very 1st Run

I have literally just started out in the world of running having not done any physical exercise for many a year and currently being about 2 stone overweight.  As I don’t have much money, I decided that hitting the road was the best option.

I have started a simple beginners running program which I found on the internet which consists of:

Week 1: Walk 6 min - Jog 1 min x 3

Week 2: Walk 5 min - Jog 2 min x 3 etc etc

From my very first run, I have been suffering from shin splints, which was just about bearable in Week 1. Last night was my first attempt at running for 2 minutes. As soon as I started jogging they flared up again, but after the 2nd 2 minute run, they were so painful that I couldn’t even walk.

It felt like two blocks of concrete were packed into my shins and I couldn’t move my legs.  I rested for about 30 seconds and was able to continue until the end, but it really hurt. However, as soon as I got home and rested, the pain was gone within seconds and they feel fine again this morning.

I am running on Mon, Wed & Fri’s and having the weekend off, so getting the 24 hours rest in between each session at least, but as soon as I started running tomorrow, I know they will flare up again instantly.

It’s annoying as I feel like I have the fitness levels to do more jogging in a session, but with my legs doing this as soon as I start, I’m not able to achieve very much.

Is this likely to subside (I know its very early days yet) or does it sound like something more serious? image


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Most likely cause for the shin splints is your shoes, try loosening the laces and if this doesn't work visit a specialist running shop to get some advice and help you select an appropriate shoe.

    When you start to run one of the main things to do is to get your muscles, ligaments, tendons etc to remember how to suport you whilst running (i.e. I bet you didn't worry about shin splints when running around as a child).  If you push too hard, you will injure yourself, so don't worry about your body keeping up with your fitness levels - it'll catch up, but it needs some time to adapt.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    It's very good advice above.

    Also have a look on the net for treatments / stretching / warm ups for shin splints.

    Before running, use the heal of your hand to dig deep into the affected area. 

    Also, I understand that icing afterwards is good, and there are some specific stretches although I've never done those.

    Good luck. Most people don't fall straight into shin splints (so getting advice from a running shop is probably important)   .. but be assured that it is normal for your legs to take longer to adapt than your heart & lungs. As a beginner, you do need to be patient and resist the urge to run as far as you feel....  at least until you're really into running efficiently.

  • do NOT run on tarmac  - find a grassy circuit to run on as that will reduce the impact and stress on the legs and muscles a lot.

    tarmac is very unforgiving and until you have a) overcome the shin splints and b) developed some running strength, keep off the hard stuff.


  • I must admit I havent invested in any decent shoes as yet as I wanted to see if it was worth the money (ie, if I didnt enjoy running I would have wasted ££'s) so I will go to a specialist shop and have a word.

    I think running on grass is probably a better idea as well, shame though as there isnt a lot around me in (walking distance anyway). Thank for all the advice.

  • Go to the running shop to get their advice and if you can buy from them.

    If you can't afford them, thank them for their advice and source them from the 'net or sports direct!

    I had them when I first started and just by buying a cheapie (??25ish) pair of running trainers, they cleared up.

    Hope that helps????
  • suziewoo22 wrote (see)
    Go to the running shop to get their advice and if you can buy from them.
    If you can't afford them, thank them for their advice and source them from the 'net or sports direct!

    and that is why shops offering good advice are closing for fucks sake! image 

    simple - if you can't afford them, ask what else they have that will do a similar job but for a lower price.  many shops will have some of last year's models which they are happy to move on for a good price.

    but please don't do as suggested - you owe it to the shop that offered you the advice to get your business.  

  • Hi,

    Late joining this thread, but just to say I have suffered from shin splints before and know how you feel as it was a few weeks before a Marathon. The advice you have received from other runners is good and sound but don't rush your rehabilitation. It's important that you consider R.I.C.E. These are microfine tears in the muscle on your shins where blood supply to the area is not the best. Hence, encourage blood flow to the area by keeping it warm throughout the day to aid healing.  I would suggest you cut down on your mileage, go back to basics and just run 1 or 2 days a week for the first couple of weeks with 2 or 3 days rest in between to aid recovery.  It's going to be frustrating but have patience. Hope it all goes well.  Good Luck.

  • The advice is very good, however, I think the most basic one is.. 

    If your shins are hurting on just 1 min run, you're not ready to run yet. Start walking briskly instead for the prescripted lenght of time instead of the running. Try do the whole beginners programme, switching brisk walking for running. Then when you've done this programme (and if no pains at any point) - try the running again and start the programme from the start again.

    Take your time and build the strenght in your legs.

    Good luck image  

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