Marathon + injuries.. in need of advice

Just throwing it out there..

I have had issues with my left ITB and have had prolonged physio which is helping knee pain (a result of this has meant a fair amount of time out of training and so I am not really as ready as I would have hoped). I have since developed chronic pain in my right hip (also received physio for this but nothing has chnaged). I have now got awful shin pains in the area that would suggest shin splints.

Not running is not an option. I just want some last minute advice. I haven't bought new trainers for a while (they look ok). I have had the same model for the last three pairs and they've always been fine for mulitple half marathos in the past. I'm working on ibuprofen gels/painkillers etc. Should I just go and buy some new trainers? I really don't know what to do.


  • Oh, and did I mention I'm running the marathon on Sunday??!

  • Not THEmarathon !


    Not running is always an option, Only an idiot would say it wasn't

    New trainers take around 50 to a 100 miles to break in, So you going to do that before THE marathon ?

    Defer and do it next year

  • Marie, why is "not running" not an option?

    It would seem to be the most sensible option to me. Is it too late to defer entry for this weekend's race until next year, when you'll be better prepared and won't just be in agony for hours. If you've raised sponsorship money then just explain that you're injured and unable to run, and will instead run another race once you're recovered. If I had awful shin pain and was taking painkillers and ibuprofen to manage it, I wouldn't be planning to run 26.2 miles in 5 days time. You're not Ranulph Feinnes, take time to recover and enter a race that you can run, not hobble round.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Don't get new trainers.  No way. 

    As for painkillers, I would suggest that if you need a full dose, then not doing the marathon IS an option!   26 miles, 385 yards with your legs/hips tearing away at themselves (without you knowing because of the painkillers) would IMO, be stupid.

    If NOT doing the marathon is NOT an option, then do it without painkillers and do it at a pace that your body allows.

  • thats the spirit David!

    is that the training method your using for your mara?

  • image brilliant

  • Marie - please read the thread on the injury section on the forum here which talks about hip impingement and all the necessary surgery that is involved. Mind your hips and don't get to the stage where that is necessary. Some of those poor guys have been told they can't run again.
  • Oops. This is in the injury section! Sorry thought it was spring marathon!
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