Help - why do my legs ache?

Can anyone help me with this.

I'm training for the Great Wall half Marathon, I have a month to go and things were going well. About a week and a hlaf ago I did my first 12 miles in 90 minutes, I was really pleased. However, since then whenever I run my legs start to ache after about a mile, to the point where I keep cutting my runs short. This is really frustrating and I'm worried I may have to pull out of the Great Wall. Can anyone explain why this is happening and/or what I can do about it? Thanks


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Is it general muscle ache or actual physical pain? If you've injured yourself and it's proper localised pain you are getting rest up and get to a physio to get yourself checked out. Warm up properly before running and stretch after your runs.

    If it's just general muscle ache. Either rest up, or ease up on the pace and build up the stubbornness to run through it. Any distance runner is going to have times when their legs ache and it's easier for them to stop but they push on anyway. Part of distance running is mental toughness as much as anything else.

    The skill is to determine what is just fatigue and tiredness and what is actual injury pain.

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