Beginners Achilles Sensation but no pain - advice needed


Hello, This is my first thread so please be patient with me

I am a 30-something - slightly overweight and not particularly healthy - probably about average.

I started running (aka walk/jogging) in January. I read up about it before hand, and was aware of some of the basic gotchas e.g. running too fast - having rest days etc.

My time until now has not been particularly fun in regards to injuries. My initial problems were around my calf/shin area - which with a 1 week reset and going back a week in my training plan disappeared.

My second problem was after having my gait analysed (over-pronate) and purchasing new shoes (brooks adrelanine gts) - my left knee would hurt. Which as before - a 1 week reset and going back a week in my training plan disappeared.

Since then I have a slightly odd problem. After one of my runs - the following morning - I could hear a popping sensation in the back of my achilles. There was no pain - only this sensation. Some google'ling later and hearing horror stories - I decided to take a week off and alow it to heal.

Anyway - after the week off - I ran again - with no pain - and the next day - achilles popping again.  I normally run every other day - and by run-day the popping would be gone.

Yesterday I ran - and this morning - no popping - good news I thought - but instead there is a slight soreness on my right achilles - but slight.

I am struggling to find constructive information on this - all the articles that deal with achilles issues are to do with pain (real ouch that hurts pain) - I have not had any pain during a run - or the day before a run so this does not seem to apply to me.

Touching my achilles also does not cause any pain - nor are there any lumps. I have been doing calf stretches 4/5 times a day over the past few days to help.

I am a little confused - I don't want to lose momentum but am aware that I do not want to make something worse.

My running speeds are pretty slow - circa 15-min per/mile. So only slightly faster than walking speed. I do 3 runs a week, 2 mile, 3 mile, and 4 mile - and they are typically 80/20% jog/walk

Any advice would be appreciated it.


  • I'm not a doctor. I've had clicking/popping achilles for as long as I can remember, like you with no pain. Any time I've brought it up with doctors or physios, they're not particularly alarmed or, frankly, interested. This is without doing exercise.

    Have they really only started doing this since you started running?

  • YKWYKW ✭✭✭

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes - only in the past month or so. Mainly the morning after a run - but they stop by the end of the day - and then no clicking/popping.

  • I would get them checked out by a doctor or physio just in case but you may well have nothing to worry about if there's no pain. I've chalked mine up to just another case of my freakish genetics. It's a good job I'm so handsome.

  • YKWYKW ✭✭✭

    Thanks Nicky - I will arrange an appointment with the doc - although I have little confidence in them.

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