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  • Morning all

    Well should have been 6 miles yesterday with Poohbear but in the end we cut it short and did 4.75 as both of us were feeling tired i never got home from work until 6.30am Saturday morning after spending all night counting as it was out stock take and Poohbear first gym session on Wednesday with a PT caught up with her as muscles she never knew she had were hurting

    won’t be doing a lot of running this week as we have the Bristol 10k next Sunday so it’s a mini taper week will go out Monday and do 8 miles but then it will just be a couple of 3’s the intention after that will be to try and do at least a 10, 8 and two 5’s a week up until training for the Bristol H/M starts

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Did a slow 6 miles offroad run with my club this morning.

  • I want to enter Brighton but London entry is tonight - it'll never happen but I'd to get into both and have to choose!

  • Thanks for the info on the brighton half marathon ,havent signed up yet but  i think i will when i get some funds together ,brighton seems quite expensive for accommodation or am i not looking in the right  places? any recommendations would be appreciated.

    As for autumn marathons its Snowdon every time for me,challenging but a brilliant race.


  • premier inn is good i always book it you can book now and not pay till arrival ive got 3 nights in a family room for 163 ok so the sat night is 75 pound .......image

    rebz im entering london tonight to have set alarm if i get in ill do both brighton for my pb and london for the experience will be my 4 th attempt to try and get picked for london 

  • yes i just entered the ballot for London 3 time lucky hopefully would do the same as Yvonne run Brighton for the PB and London for the experience

  • am in the ballot for london .....set my alarm for just gone midnight but it wasnt open then so fell asleep until i heard my puppy dog chewing something very crunchy which woke me at 2 am ...i entered and recieved my number ......its hard to do touch screen typing led in bed half asleep while a puppy keeps nudging your hand with his nose at 2 am though ...

  • Ha Ha Yvonne that made me smile.  Im bucking the trend and havent entered London as have never had any urge to do London too busy for my liking maybe that just makes me weird lol!

  • right, Brighton entered.  Seems all the accomodation is going fast though.  what is it like getting to the start on the day? are there good transport links? some ok places pretty central, but cheaper if you stay a few miles outside of brighton but how easy is it to then get in?

  • ah - if you stay outside Brighton then you really have 2 options to get in - car or train

    BM uses a park and ride system on the outskirts of the city - seems to work ok but not used it myself

    train imho is the easiest - from the East (Lewes, Eastbourne etc) you can get off at London Road as it's a shorter walk than Brighton main station. from the North there is a stop at Preston Park but I don't know if all trains stop there.

    from Brighton Central station it's about a mile and a half walk

  • ah - I used the park and ride last year and it was fine, they use the University parking.

  • thats useful to know, thanks guys. looking to book something sooner rather than later (I know no one at all in Brighton so have no fall back option!) can get a room for a couple of nights pretty central on the waterfront (kings road) or go for the cheaper option of staying in Newhaven and getting the train in.  any advice?


  • I suggest don't go with Newhaven - the train service from there to Lewes where you need to change to get to Brighton isn't very frequent but check first for Sunday schedules just in case there is a decent timed one.   I live in Eastbourne and the times I've done this event I've got a train at 7:32 which gets to London Road at about 8:10 which is spot on timing to then walk to the start, and get yourself organised before the off.   £10 return this year.   maybe check out hotels in Lewes (a few) or Eastbourne (loads)??

  • thanks buddha, had a look and not a lot of difference in the price so booked for central Brighton.  will have our boys with us as well so will be able to enjoy a day out on sat hopefully.

    right back to posting about actual running again image

  • hmm, I would have to travel up from tonbridge so think I should stay in Brighton on the saturday as I am not sure that there will be a great train service on a sunday to get me there with plenty of time to spare.

    I have also entered the VLM (for the 5th time but no acceptance to date) and if lucky will defer Brighton for a year as this is my first marathon so will not be able to do both. People seem to be saying that accomodation will be scarce so are booking well in advance. I have very limited funds, so if I do book now at the premier for instance and then pull out later in the year, does anyone know if I will still be hit with the room charge ? Or do they have any other cheaper suggestions ?

  • Tillstar thought all that hard core training was a bit premature solely for Brighton image

    Well I spent the weekend on the Devon/Dorset border and went out for a run yesterday - have I mentioned how hilly it was - crikey my legs are feeling it today.

    What are everyones race plans mine are:

    Bupa 10k in May,

    Bewl 15 in July

    Possibly Barnes Green HM in Sept May need an earlier one due to marathon plans

    Chester Marathon in Oct

    Brighton Brooks 10k

    Brighton HM followed by the big one. I have also entered the ballot for VLM however  that is highly unlikely.

    Busy racing year ahead, worn out just reading that list! image


  • skippys right peg- premier inn give option of book now but pay on arrival which means you can cancel up to 1pm on day of arrival.

  • skippy you can book the premier inn and not pay until arrival and you also have the option of being able to cancel right up to 1 pm on day of arrival so pretty safe ....i had to cancel this year after having the room booked since the april 2011...i do it all online 

  • snap till star you must of been typing same time as me great minds and all that image

  • Probably a daft question, but as of yet I am unable to book this far in advance on Trip Advisor or the websites direct.  Have peeps already arranged accomodation?

  • Yep have already booked the premier inn. You can book it up to 365 days in advance so I believe I had already reserved the hotel before I signed up to the marathon. I did it through the premier inn website 

  • Oh what to do what to do!! I signed up for this for 2013 and then was given a last minute London place through a small charity close to our familys heart -  which I managed to complete! I am a slowy as it took me 5hrs and 14 minutes - After saying I would only ever do 1 marathon as a sort of bucket tlist thing I am now determined to get under 5hrs which I know is acheivable. For those who have done Brighton - Shall I just sign up - Is a good one? - I remember a few of you from the 2013 thread when I was going to do it and everyone was so friendly no matter what level of ability....I guess deep down I know I am going to sign up for this but need a few more words of encouragement. I have put into the London ballot again but will be fully expecting my rejection mag and there is no way I will be charity collecting again - It was easier than I thought and my target was fairly low - but there are only so many times you can ask for cash off of people. 

  • Thanks Tillstar, I am late to the party as usual and it is now full!  2 years ago when I did Brighton I stayed at the Travel lodge in town opposite a night club.  I had to go to bed with the tv on to drown out the noise image


    To be honest, I would like a lovely B & B near the start, but I can't see any.

  • Skippy, the accommodation looks to be pretty scarce but that may be due to hotels not releasing rooms this early? I don't know how they work? I'm coming from Oxford so was a little paranoid when I saw it was busy and got booked in, also this was because ill have my wife and at least one of our boys (3 and 1 at the time of the race) with made. Single accommodation looks much cheaper and little easier to find. bare in mind some of the hotels make you pay more for a cancelation option.

    lisa, I bet the scenery was amazlinen on that run. I'm planning the following but need to double check some of the dates to see how they fit with training for Brighton...

    Water of life half in marlow next week (postponed from march due to weather)

    local 10ks over next few months: Thame, Wallingford, wargrave and toad hall

    oxford half in October 

    silverstone and/or reading half in march

    brighton mara in april 2014

    abingdon mara in oct 2014

    also in ballot for London, but will defer London I think if I get in as never done it twice but this will be my first time at Brighton.

  • Thanks all for the info about accomodation. Looks like Brighton premier is all gone now. I don't know the area that well but there are premier inns at Newhaven, Burgess Hill and Little Hampton. (I am too lazy to search around other hotels) Can anyone who knows the area let me know if these locations are viable public transport wise to get to brighton, or failing that how easy is parking or other provisions on the day. I did the 10k a couple of years ago and it was ok for parking early on, but got chocca later, and obviously the marathon will have a larger quantity of people,

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Skippy read back a few posts - particularly those by Fat Buddah. They answer your questions about Newhaven and parking.

  • No running for me this week.  Was feeling really run down and tired all last week and it hasnt improved so taking the rest of the week off.  Really frustrating.  Can only assume it was too much speed work so soon after my race and not enough rest or sleep.  Hoping a rest this week will allow me to get back out there with a gentle run this weekend and get back to training.  I normally run 5/6 days a week so there is no reason for this grrr!!

  • Skippy - Newhaven or Burgess Hill would be better then Littlehampton, both of which you can either drive fairly easily to Brighton from or alternatively jump on a train.

    Tillstar sorry to hear that you are feeling shattered - I agree that it is probably linked to speedwork as I also run 5-6 days per wek no problems but as soon as I start introducing intervals I am so tired, interestingly tempo's don't have the same effect on me. It is this reason that I have avoided intervals up till now, but I am starting to introduce them but am possibly looking at reducing my runs to 4-5 per week instead image

    Andrew nice selection of races lined up there, glad its not just me who plans in advance!

  • Morning all

    Tillstar it must be catching i to am feeling run down and worn out this week did 10 miles yesterday and felt total drained so am having a rest day today will do a 3 mile tomorrow then rest up until Sundays race

  • 3 mile run today out in the sunshine, even managed to jog slowly up quite a steep hill.  Rest up now until Bristol 10K on Sunday.



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