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  • Jellygirl wrote (see)

    Hi Skippy. Tonbridge half is best described as undulating. It is a lovely route but there are a couple of sharp inclines but nothing like Spring Hill in T Wells! With the right training it's a great half. There are flat and downhill sections but I would definitely include hill training in your plan. Paddock Wood is ideal as it's virtually flat but that's not until the end of March. I know the limit has been raised this year so I reckon you have a good 2 months training to go before deciding.

    I'm doing it!image

    Hi Jellygirl, I have just looked at the course map. Am I right in assuming that the inclines are on the first half of the race, and that the inward bound last half is mainly flat and downhill, or are there also some inclines hidden ?


  • Afternoon all

    well after no running for a week i may well venture out for a run today some great running going on  i see felt really strange last week i think that must be the first whole week i haven’t run at least once

    so looking forward to getting back out there just a shame the weathers turn

    Barbie well done have a great rest you 'v earned it

  • Congrats Barbie, an ultra is something I would love to do ,so will read your blog with interest ....

    Toby glad your feeling better ,take it easy though ,no doing thst 7.30 pace running today .....

    Pleased to report have lost a kg in weight last week ...only 9lb 4oz to go in 6 weeks determined not to part with 50 pound cash to my children if I don't do it ...must say my eating has vastly improved more fruit and veg ,pasta, meat ,etc no cake or sugary stuff except for a Freddie frog chocolate on Saturday evening for my treat ...

    Tenjiso that's a good description of why long slow runs should be just that , like you say if you have a good plan then there will be time to run faster then .... rest and recovery from training runs are just as important as the running 

  • Skippy - From just after mile 1 to mile 4 the road is really up and down but there are only 3 short, steepish inclines with the worst one being bteween miles 3 and 4, just before you reach the railway tunnel at Leigh. Here the road goes up a short, steep hill and then fast down to the tunnel but you do have to come back this way between miles 9 and 10 and it is quite a tough hill on the inward journey. Between miles 4 and 6 it is fairly flat and quite a fast section with just an incline up to mile 6. It's then either downhill or flat until mile 9. The last couple of miles is on a flat section but the last bit to the finish looks really flat but goes up a slight incline! Hope that helps.

    Barbie - Well done on completing your ultra. Impressive stuffimage

  • Afternoon all

    well got out for a run today 8 miles done and dusted in 1:12:41 so that’s 4 for this week and 4 that i missed last week must say it felt good to be out running again

    Yvonne well done on the weight loss and no there were no 7’s in there today just 8’ and 9’s

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Barbie amazing achievement!!! Well done image What trainips plan did you follow?

  • Barbie, huge well done on your Ultra - nice race report too image

    Tenjiso wrote (see)

    Andrew - if you follow a decent program you will have other quality runs for practicing speed, and not all long runs will be slow - some will include an element of marathon-pace running. If you do your long runs too fast, you will not be able to maximise the other quality runs in a weekly program due to the excessive recovery you will need.

    I sometimes recited the mantra "Train slow to race fast" to myself during a long run.

    Have to agree with Tenjiso about the LSR's being part of your overall training. May have to steal your mantra image

  • Khanivore - I basically just made my own plan up as it also included my Brighton marathon training. The main difference between my previous marathon training and this combined marathon/ultra training was that I did more 20+ mile runs (probably about 8 in total), I also added a 10 mile midweek run, plus I did some back to back runs (eg I'd run 20 miles on a Saturday, then 14 on a Sunday). Then after Brighton marathon I did 2 high mileage back to back weekends (a 16 miler/24 miler one weekend and then a 30 miler/20 miler the following). The theory is that if you can run the distance over 2 runs you can put it together and do it in one go on race day....I did worry that I'd not done enough mileage but I had no problem with the distance on race day.

  • Well done on your ultra Barbie, you deserve a well earnt rest after all that training.


  • Well what was suppose to be a 5 miler tonight turned into a 6 and a half miler!!! oops!!!......felt strong though...a mix of grass, trail and road ,oh and the lovely hill that comes back into where i live ...which poohbear knows as she has run up it on our local 10km run.....

    Toby ,8 miles after a week off with a cold is some going ...

    Barbie thats some hardcore training, those back to back high miles look incredible certainly deserve cake, chocolate and a holiday ...

  • Khanivore - good plan with the slower pacing of runs at the moment, I may try that after I finish my PT's plan but I struggle to go slower than 10.20 and I suspect your mileage is a lot higher than mine!

    Tenjiso - good mantra, I definitely need to remember that one.

    Skippy - I may do Tonbridge half then but will need to check how it fits with other races I have entered tho I suspect it may actually be a more convenient date.

    Barbie - massive well done on the ultra that's awesome!! Enjoy your rest

    Yvonne - well done on the weight loss and glad u had a nice run.

    Toby - glad u r feeling better and can get out running again.

    Snowmaiden - Hi! How ru doing?

    Rest day for me yesterday. Fartlek tonight and then HIIT tomorrow then that's me done for the week ready for the epic hockey game. Funny old week with carb loading starting and training tailing off, feel like I am stopping just as I was finding my groove but I guess the hockey will help with endurance and I can get back on track with the marathon training soon after I hope.

  • Tillstar have fun with the hockey hope it gose well

  • Amazing achievement Barbie, couldn't imagine training for that.  Would you do it again?

    Tillstar what is your epic hockey match?  I used to play....but realised i was better at running without holding a stick!  Good luck

    Went back to my club last night after months of running solo....really enjoyed it, I'd forgotten how nice it is to train with other people...and how much they help in pushing you!!

  • Nix we are attempting to break the record for the worlds longest hockey match and are going for 40 hours. It basically involves one continual game played by 2 teams of 16 meaning we play two hours and rest for an hour in continual rotation but cannot leave the pitch area at all and neither can we sleep on the bench.

  • Nix10 - I'd do it again next weekend if I could! 

  • well 6 miles for me today had my first attempt to use my Garmin for an interval session sort of got it to work but need more practice at it

  • Well pleased with my training session tonight.  3.89 miles in 44 minutes an average of just over 11 min miles even with several long hills - managed to jog all the way round course and even slowly up the hills.

    The hockey match sounds exhausting Tillstar - all the best of luck to beat the record.

    I'm getting hill training in Yvonne - if I can increase my speed too may well do Cricklade 10K again next year

  • Thank you poohbear Toby Nix and anyone I forgot for your good luck wishes. I really hope we break the record this time (we tried last year but rain stopped play)

    wow poohbear!! You are doing so well with your training. I hope I can apply your determination and hard work to my training, you are proof that if you work hard enough you can achieve your dreams. You are absolutely going to smash your last marathon time in 2014 image

  • No running for me today but i did some dog walking (like i do everyday) and i mowed the lawn and trimmed the edges with scissors!!! i have no strimmer and its only a little space anyway ....

    Um i had cake today!!!! its my youngest sons birthday today he is 15 so a birthday isnt a birthday without cake and i only had a slither but it was a nice slither image

    4 miles planned for tomorrw on road and i think its gonna be a faster one as ive told my daughter to determine the pace ....

    Tillstar hope you all break the record but above all enjoy it ...

    Poohbear good running..

  • Hi all,

    Thought I'd say hi since i've signed up for Brighton again. Was going to give it a miss and do London assuming I'd get a GFA entry, however my 3:06 is no good now they've changed the quaifying time to 3:05!

    Anyway, I absolutely love the Brighton Marathon so I'm quite excited about doing it again and will be aiming for sub-3, and hopefully achieving it this time!

    Re Tonbridge Half, it's a great half. Quite challenging but that makes it better in my opinion. Just hope they sort the distance out this year since it was well out last year (see reviews). I'll probably do it this year. I've also entered Dartford Half (July) and Beachy Head (October).

  • Have you run Beachy before Lombster? I ran it last year for the first time and it's my favourite once you've run the last 6 miles over the Seven Sisters, it makes the last 6 miles of any other marathon seem positively lightweight in comparison! image

  • Hi lombster welcome back image nice to see you have signed up again. That sub 3 will be yours this year image

  • Lombster, londons loss is brightons gain.....

    4 miles for me tonight with my daughter...aka jack rabbit....her friend has started to come with us for the first mile then she turns around and goes home while we carry on so tonights splits were 11.17.....9.58...9.28...9.10....i felt comfortable at 9.30 pace but when she picked it up that 18 seconds told ...i should tell her to try and keep an even pace,  for me to do as much as i can at 9.25-30 pace will be a good base to then get it down to 9 min pace by the end of the year if not before ..for my dream sub 4 hour marathon image

  • Barbie - Congratulations on the Ultra. Nice blog too! 

  • Morning all

    another 6 miles for me yesterday i was going to do the on the treadmill as a recovery run but it was so nice outside i went out for a run instead rest day today with 13 to on Friday with that and what i've done this week so far means I would have made up all the runs i missed last week

  • Great to be back.

    Barbie, I've run Beachy twice now. Really struggled over the Seven Sisters last year as my calves were cramping up. Loved the last 3/4 mile after the long drag over Beachy Head.

  • First trail run last night (South Downs, near Goodwood) after months of pavement pounding....the view at the top was worth it...looking forward to the summer now!image

  • Hi lombster, beachyhead is one of my must do marathons, but will have to wait another yr or two as I'm doing brighton and Abingdon next yr.

    barbi, well done on the ultra, I'm facinated by the idea of an ultra but not sure ill ever do one.

    tilstar, if its not too late, massive good luck on ur hockey match record attempt!

    did my track intervals today, 2mile warm up followed by 7 x 800m with 400m recovery. Split times were: 3.19, 3.19, 3.15, 3.12, 3.13, 3.13, 3.16. Ankle/Achilles keeps getting very tender on my runs so may need to have a week off soon, but first 10k of the yr is on Sunday and a PB is well within capability (currently 45.12)

  • Had my registration e mail today to give my finish time 3.45-4.00 hours and t shirt size..all filled out and done ..image

  • Thanks Andrew! It's not too late we start on Saturday so I'm currently eating pasta and resting while resisting the urge to go running which is proving quite hard.

    yep just completed my entry too yvonne. Went for 415-430, hoping to be nearer the 415 mark but will have to see how training goes just looking forward to training hard and seeing what I can do

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