Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Hi guys. I have registered for my first marathon, it will be Brighton 2014. I am starting my training now with an asics log. My target is 3h45m. I don't drink or smoke and am using running to improve my diet. I am running for a charity so am going to raise at least £400 which is cool too. cheers.

  • Faya its not something ive done before either ....even if they are in a plan i would always just do intervals instead and think that would be enough..but after reading that hills instill lots and lots of stamina to keep going in a race i thought id best be good and do them..lets just say my legs even now a few hours after are starting to feel tight so i think i will be stretching in a bit before bed!!! or i dont think ill get out of bed in the morning!!!image maybe roll and fall out !!! still it can only get better ..image

  • Morning all

     Have to say hill training never really been a problem as I’ve said before as were we live you have to run up one hill or another to get home rest day today then not shore what I’ll do Friday i think it will depend on how hot it gets

    Yvonne well done on the hill training it sound a bit more structured than mine i just run up them when i come across them on a run rather than going looking for them

    Tom welcome to the thread your enjoy                Brighton it’s a cracking race

    Tillstar  glad the running’s coming back to you 3 miles it’s a good start

    Faya nothing wrong with run/walk it’s a good way of getting back into it

    Richy as Yvonne said plenty of time to build the speed up

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Morning all


    Not ran much after last Thursday's track session killed my legs. Was very happy with my 2 x 400m at 1:48 (6:56 pace). Dragged hubby and his doggy back out yesterday for a 4 mile run in 37:02 (9:15 pace). It was hot and nearly got run down my bike on pavement and idiot car driver.


    Resting now until Sundays 10k race.

  • Hello all

    Toby - very hilly where I live too! I still have to walk up some of themimage

    Richy - sometimes it is good to run without a watch, well done.

    Tom - I have just joined the thread too, good luck with your training.

    Faya - well done on the milesimage

    Tillstart - well doen on the 3 milesimage

    Tracey - enjoy your rest, good luck with the 10k

    Yvonne - just reading about your daughter, well done to herimage I can relate to your daughter's issues.My middle daughter, now 16, has been very unwell for over 2 years. Started with diagnosis of unedractive thyroid, but she continued to get more and more exhasuted and then disgnosed with coelic disease (about a year ago). She is still very poorly and a few days ago diagnosed with Poly Cyctic Ovary Syndrome as well. I expect there are more issues around the corner. She hasn't been able to go to school for two years and can't do much for herself, she has also put on weight. She used to be very active and now can barely walk downstairs.

    I haven't run since Monday as hubby is away and not able to fit in any running with the family and workimage Hope to get out tomorrow but then away with some friends for the weekend...going to see Robbie Williams in Wembly!image

  • I've decided to do the hastings half marathon in March of next year. It's two weeks (I think) before the marathon so it'll be good practise and it fits in with my ascis programme too.

    Will anyone else be doing both hastings half/brighton full?

  • Hi Tom no it's a little far from home usally do the Bath H/M in March

  • evening all

    16 miles for me today splits weren't to bad  as i set out to keep the pace down ranging from 8:21 to  10:10 but the good thin is i managed to run all of it today with out hitting the wall

  • Ok cool, good luck with that Toby.

    It's my rest day today so no run, I will be itching to get out later but I know it's for the best haha.




    Disaster has struck in our house....jenny started her running on monday and she ran tuesday had a rest day wednesday and was in A&E last night!!!   She sat on her foot while lounging by the river on her lunch break at 6th form and of course when the silly mare stood up it had gone dead a bad case of pins and needles...not feeling it, she then managed to walk on the outside edge of her left foot for several steps , which resulted in it becoming massivly hot and swollen!! luckily its not fractured or broke but it is sprained and still swollen and not great to walk on...


    She always laughs at me when i say be careful thats my running leg or running foot when we are messing around or if the dogs run into me (their spacial awareness is rubbish) but she now knows how easily you can go from running to not running by just a silly mistake...she was and is very upset about it now....but i said Monday is another day and hopefully we can start off slowly again ..

    Madwelshwoman....i wish you and your daughter well..its not nice to see your children going through illness and it breaks your heart to see them upset ..

    Tracey G good luck with your 10km on sunday hope all goes well

    Toby good running as usual

    As for me i ran 2 easy miles around the meadow with my woofers tonight and i have an 8 mile planned tomorrow

  • Hi Yvonne - Poohbear here - I've had to kidnap Toby's log-in as unable to log him out and log me in.  Send my best wishes to Jenny and hope her leg gets better soon.


  • poohbear ...thank you i will pass on all your good wishes ...she knows now that sitting on your feet may feel comfortable at the time but maybe not the best thing to do!! ....mind you i cant even bend my leg and stick my foot under my bottom the way she described it!!! image

  • 8 miles done and dusted in the lovely sunshine ...managed to drink a whole half litre of fluid while running ....didnt look at my garmin once which i thought would be hard but was surprisingly easy and just went on how i felt when running ...was down as an easy run and ended up as 9:40 pace which im happy with ....

  • Afternoon all. Well done Yvonne. 4 miles for me today and then an hour in the gym doing weights and cross training. Okay so I have to get the mileage up but it felt good and I finally feel like I'm back image

  • Tillstar - glad you are feeling like you are back with your running, you can always increase your mileage steadily when you feel ready, long mileage doesnt really need to start until December/January for April marathon.

    Well should have been 9 miles today, but only managed 6 and at very slow pace, averaging just over 13 min miles.  Went on a work social Thursday evening which was an assault course and teamwork exercise for 3 hours and muscles I dont usually use are hurting, along with half a dozen or more bruises.

    Nice to run in the sunshine for a change though.  Now to enjoy more of it and get some gardening done.

    Hope everyone enjoys their runs this weekend.

  • Hello everyone

    Yvonne2 - thank you for your good wishes...I hope your daughter is doing okay after her mishap? Well done on your run and assult course!

    Tillstar - well done on your running and cross trainingimage

    I didn't get to run at the weekend as had a busy time and was away on Saturday...watched Robbie Williams and Ollie Murs concert! Managed 4 miles before work this morning..feeling quite tired now!

  • Madwelshwoman  lucky you olly and Robbie together ....hope it was good ...

    Well Jenny is still taking it easy no running since last Tuesday and no walking or exercise since Thursday !!!!! She still managed to lose 3 pound in weight so go Jenny woop woop for me I have completed my first full week of half marathon training and now onto the second I've had those few extra runs with Jenny last week but I've also had to do all dog walks since Thursday and I've lost 2 pound this week too woop woop ....a lovely threshold session for me later and as I have no one here who is super fast I will do it on treadmill again so I can keep the pace going without floundering....

  • Afternoon all

    10 miles for me today must say i was glad it wasn’t as hot as it has been better splits to all in the 8 range

  • good running Toby

  • morning all

    well just a little 3 miles for me yesterday as i ran out of time took me 24:11 pleased with the splits as they were all in the 7's only just but good enough for what I'm aiming for at Brighton next year just need to build on it now and be able to keep it going for longer

  • Morning all

    Toby - great running..I can only ever dream of those splits!

    I was going to run this morning but have a touch of the lurgy so going to wait until tomorrow. I did a spin class monday night  after running in the morning...very tired legs! Also went rowing last night so at least I have some exercise under my belt this week prior to lurgy!

    Have a good day everyoneimage

  • Hi Everyone, glad I have found this thread.  You all seem like a friendly bunch with plenty of experience in marathon running.  

    I'm hoping to lay a few demons to rest in April next year, I have run one marathon before London 2011, it was to early and I struggled to 4h 21m so I hope to have a better experience in Brighton.  

    I wondered if anyone could recommend a good training plan?  I have read that P&D method is good, also Jack Daniels and Hansons method.   Any suggestions would be gratefully received.  

    Currently my PB's are 5k 21.01, 5m 35.10, 10k 44.12, 10m 69.57, HM 92.56.  So I think a marathon target of 3.15 to 3.25 is realistic?

    i average around 30 to 40 miles per week over 5 to 6 sessions.

    would be great get any advice.  At least we have plenty of time before the race!image


  • Welcome to you JohnAdams1976....the only plan ive followed is by sam murphy and both times ive used it ive felt good throughout the marathon, i did change it on my middle marathon to another plan,and i didnt fare so well so i went back to what i know works ....although my marathon PB is 1 min slower than your struggled 4:21 image...thats why this year ive started my training and base layering now as i want a sub 4 hour, even by a min just to to say 3 hours and something...

    Tonight was suppose to be a hill training run but ive only got a 45 min run on saturday (i think its a rest week) so im going to add the hills onto the end of that run....i did my benchmark of fitness run tonight on the treadmill last time i did it at the speed thats written was last year ...ive run it at slower increments this year so i decided to run it at the speed written tonight, and i was amazed to find i cruised through it without really gasping for breathe so next time i do it im going to increase the speed by 0.02 on each speed stated...image im fitter than i thought and getting faster ...yippee

  • Welcome johnadams! Great work Yvonne well done. I have been continuing to get my running and fitness base back up by running and doing other gym work too and it's finally worked. Ran 3 miles today at easy pace and for the first time since the world rrecord it actually felt easy. Still going to the gym work as i think its helping but going to devote a few days a week to building my mileage back up now. It's good to be back image

  • well done everyone some great training going on

  • Hi everyone, Yvonne/Tillstar sounds like your going well.  I've had a shocker just been the hospital and been diagnosed with an outer ear infection and been given a weeks worth of antibiotics.  I really don't feel like running At the moment  I suppose it's better to have a break now before I get into base training.  I might have a look at Marathon Talks magic mile training, could do with a bit more speed work since the suns out!  image

  • Good Morning Everyone!

    Last week I was 5 days in Swizerland at the Aletsch Half Marathon. It is a mountain race that goes from the Bettmeralp (around 6000ft) to the Bettmerhorn (around 8000ft). It is a wonderefull race. I tried the course on Thursday and had a stunning view on the Aletsch Glacier. Unfortunately, on Saturday heavy snowfall occured on the mountain and on Sunday the race was shortened to 15.2k. We left out the summit completely. The remainder was a rather fast race and I averaged 6:17/km which was quite good for my second Mountain race.

    Now I train with a plan from the Smart Coach with 5 days/week. My first target is the Swiss City Marathon Lucerne on 27/10/2013. Tomorrow I will run 14mi.

    Take care!

  •  i have to get out for a run in a minute that’s if i my body will allow it's had a hard week at work at its saying leave me along for goodness sake

    On a brighter note i have just entered the Cricklade H/M and for any one interested it cost me the princely sum of £13 but that was on line though R/W texted Yvonne and apparently as she paying direct it's going to cost her the outrageous sum of £11

    Franz sound wonderful the view that is not the snow good luck with the training for the Swiss city marathon

  • Well 15 miles for me today try something different after reading this article


    i broke the run down into 5 miles loops and after every 5 miles popped in the house to have a cold bottle of water and to cool down a bit before setting off again even changed my t-shirt for a running vest after the second circuit i was going to do 20 today but it was just too hot today and there’s was no point killing myself at this stage of the game


    Out with Poohbear tomorrow as she has 9 to do

  • Only had 20 mins of running to do today and ive only just got out and back ...its just been too hot plus ive been to busy having got back from work...was pleased to report i ran a 8:46 second mile image and felt ok ....just now need to build upon it...tomorrow is just a 45 min run so will get that done first thing in the morning ....glad its one of those cut back weeks this week cos im looking forward to a day of sunning tomorrow image have to work sunday although it was my weekend off im doing my boss a favour plus i get a few extra pennies...

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