Brighton Marathon 2014



  • GreatGreat running everyone, 

    Franz, that's sounds like a nice half.

    Yvonne, I'm sure you'll feel the benefit of a cutback week when you run next week.  

    Toby, that's a really good idea about the loops, I have a 5 mile near me I could use.

    i think these antibiotics are starting to work so hopefully start running again early next week.  (Bloody ear infection!), apologies if you are eating your tea!


  • Up at 530 for a run this morning to get a run in before it gets too hot out there.  6 miles all at 10 min miles.  Would have liked 8 or 10 miles but my knee was twinging and as I havent run more than 3 milers witht the occaisional 4 for the past few weeks I'll settle for the 6 as its a good start and gives me something to build on.

  • Well done on your run tillstar....your keen up at 5:30 though ...mind you I'm off out for my 45 min run in half an hour after I've walked the dogs and it's cooking up nicely now mind you it helps my run is in the shade for most of it 

    Bbq later I've made my iced tea it's in the fridge chilling 

    Happy running to all have a lovely day 

  • Been out for my run ...was  a timed run  of 45 mins unlike the last 2 weeks when it was a certain mile run.. managed 4.63 miles in that time but i carried on until 5 miles which was 48 mins ...glad i went out when i did, i didnt even have to walk the dogs as my daughter took them so i could go earlier ... and even after my shower im still sweating !!! mind you i am having my porridge now..

    Now where is my sunbed, sunscreen and and sun here i come image

  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭

    5.30! That is keen! Well done on getting up that early on a weekend. I've been out for a run already as well. Just over 5k this morning, putting my distance this week up to 11 miles. I've been running 5 days a week for the past three weeks and would you believe I've not lost any weight yet? I'm hoping its all turning into muscle at the moment. 

  • Went out at 8.30 while it is still reasonably cool. Managed an easy run of 5 miles in just under 50 minutes - mind you when I say easy I am struggling to breathe with being bunged up because of hay fever. Start half marathon training next week (possibly for either tonbridge or barns green) using a plan given to me by Shades. Going to take this nice and easy  as preparation for my first ever full marathon at Brighton, as my previous 2 half marathons have not gone well mainly due to poor preparation.

    Well done to anyone out running today, it's starting to get quite warm ...

  • Hello all

    Toby - I like the advice for warm weather running..not sure if I would be tempted to stay put (or required to do something for one of the chidlren) if I popped back home during a run!

    Yvonne - well done on your 45 min cut back weeksimage Hope you enjoyed the sunimage

    Tillstart - 6 miles is great..well doneimage

    Skippy - Great 5 miles..good luck with the HM plan.

    I did 7  hilly miles yesterday morning before if go too warm, very slow but at leat covered the miles! I am off rowing this morning, I am doing some double scull races at a regatta next weekend image First time for everything!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Morning all


    Not run since Wednesday Hilly 5 mile race as been in Brighton since Thursday afternoon with hubby and son. We walked 14.2 miles yesterday. Brighton was stupidly busy. 

  • Tracey G i love Brighton!!!  sooooooo jealous ...for me its a near 3 hour journey depending on the M25!! Was hoping to get there ,even for a short birthday weekend in August but money is so tight ive got to be sensible!!! image

  • Morning all

    went out Saturday morning with Poohbear we ran down to her weight watchers meeting which was 2 miles and weighed before heading off to do a 6 i have a feeling my training with Poohbears going to be a lot tougher next year for Brighton as she now run most if not all of her runs now instead of run walking like she use to

    by the time we got home we had just enough time to have a bit to eat before heading out the door as Poohbear was doing the race for life with her sister they had opted to do the 10k race this year but were walking it it was so hot i decided to take small bottles of water in a cool bag with ice packs in it to keep them cool

    just as well i did as Poohbears sister was struggling in the heat just before half way when i saw them for the second time and one of the cool pack ended up keeping her cool instead of the water after  i had moved again and meet them for the third time i walked with them acting as a mobile water station glad to report that they both made it around safely although i have to say Poohbear although her legs were a little stiff never really had a problem

    Hence another reason i get the feeling my training with her for Brighton’s going to be a lot tougher next year


  • Go poohbear!! There is no stopping you now image well I failed to make the gym today as I woke up with a banging headache that I just couldn't shift. Spent most of the day asleep now  feel a lot better. Have decided that I am going at start a basic marathon training plan from tomorrow which I should complete a month or so before I start the proper one. I'm not doing very well doing my own thing and this one starts at the level I find myself now and builds slowly which I think will be much better for me than trying to do more than I am capable of at the mmoment and getting frustrated that I can't achieve it 

  • Well today was warm .....I had work ....although wasn't suppose to.....I did enjoy a few nice walks with my dogs they enjoyed swimming in the river...

    Oh and I never got out for my planned 20 min run.....tomorrow is threshold day and Tuesday rest day so I'll just do the 20 min run then ....hills Wednesday ....

    Toby I would cycle some of those long runs with poohbear or you may run yourself into the ground can do too much you know ...

    Tillstar don't get too bogged down with following plans to the letter and don't beat yourself up for missing a run ...tomorrow is another day I always say's time on your feet you need to work on and slowly building up those miles ...don't forget to have a cut back  every so often it's normally 4 weekly it gives your body time to adjust and recover before another onslaught of long mileage runs can start to improve speed later around November by doing intervals or threshold runs ....just enjoy your running that's all ...

  • toby I agree with Yvonne - be careful.

    Thanks Yvonne this is just a time on your feet plan with more rest days than I currently give myself so will be easy to move things around to fit in with life. It starts with a long run of 6 miles which is what I did yesterday so feel happy to start there just better than  going out to try and do 10+ when I have lost too much fitness for that now. The plan will allow to build slowly. It cuts right back every 3 weeks too.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Yvonne - going back to Brighton for a longer holiday next month. I will need a holiday afterwards as trying to knacker our son out knackers us out. There will be cross training bike rides on the South Downs


    Toby - think maybe cycling when doing long runs with Poobear might be a good idea


    Need to do a long run tomorrow. Could be interesting 


  • yes i think you my all be right about the cycling she certainly a lot faster and fitter than she was last year

  • Morning all, hope you had nice runs on the weekend. In Austria it is pretty hot, around 27 to 30 degrees centigrade with high humidity. I did 13mi instead of 14 - forgive me - I was too tired from dhe Aletsch HM. Speed was 9:25/mi. Today I have a 7miler on my schedule.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    12 miles this morning in 2:10???? 

  • Not checked the forecast but since the beginning of the year it has blown pretty much consistently from the north so the likelihood is that they'll be into a head wind for most of the day. When they hit the coast at Cancale (a pretty little fishing village with some really good sea food restaurants) they turn and head west so there is a chance that there may be some cross winds. Looking out of the kitchen window the turbines are fairly whizzing round at the moment but it could, of course, drop overnight.

    Although they'll be passing a mere 25kms to the east of my place, I haven't actually ridden the roads they'll be taking for a while so I went for a gentle spin earlier today to check out some of the route.

    I did the climb though the forest of Paimpont on one of my first rides with the local club and I remember arriving at the top purple-faced and panting from the effort of trying to keep up with the local grimpeurs. Surely that ought to be worthy of categorisation I thought to myself.  Sadly, my memory was clearly playing tricks.  The sad reality is that it is a steady 2.5km drag with a maximum gradient of maybe 6% for a few hundred metres.

    The area around Pampont forest is quite beautiful by the way. Paimpont Forest is supposedly King Arthur's realm Brocéliande.

    Oh, and St Meen Le Grand is the birthplace of 3 time TDF winner Louison Bobet and home to a museum dedicated to him. The race will go right by the museum. There was some kind of function going on there today or I might well have gone in to take a look. Despite living just down the road all this time and passing it on numerous rides, I've still never managed to check it out.

  • Morning all, I did 9mi instead of 7, speed was 9:13, heartrate 126. I have seen that in London it has also 27 degrees centigrade - keep cool!

  • Have entered Bristol half marathon at last,thought as I'm training for it I best enter,mind you only had the spare money now .....

    Have borrowed two fans from a friend and will attempt my threshold run later in the garage on the treadmill ,I did my 20 min run from Sunday yesterday .... 

    Oh and have won prizes for being chosen as an ambassador for Linwood super foods I am officially fab and 40 (or over) 

  • Well so much for keeping to short runs in the garage i had to get a new bit valve for my Camelbak that’s the bit you shove in your mouth i was only going to run to the shops and back only a couple of miles but the run felt so easy i ended up doing 13 instead

    Did make the mistake of not putting sun cream on though so although i thought I’d got away with it just got home from work and i am nice and red and have nice outline of a running vest

  • Threshold run yesterday in the garage was a hot affair ,even with the fans (to be honest they were not that great) but it was good of my friend to lend them to me, still it gets me use to running in the heat!!!

    10 mins easy then 20 mins threshold (has been 15 the last 2 weeks ) 10 mins easy i increased the speed to and felt ok even going for a bit longer,im not sure whether its the affect of a non dairy diet but the lungs feel clearer and im also taking magnesium...whatever, its working, even if its in my head, it still feeling easier this year!! Legs feel a tad stiff this morning though ha ha ,must remember to have a good stretch later!!

    Toby, its just like you to go for a short bimble and end up running a half marathon!!

    I forgot to put sun screen on yesterday too and was sat in the pub garden for a bit i too have tan lines not big or clever....

  • Ha Ha Toby only you could as Yvonne says go for a short bimble and end up running a half marathon image

    Well PT made me do lunges with dumbells yesterday and I now know what pain feels like.  Have been struggling to walk all day but the plan said 3 miles so I decided not to do my usual and give up but run outside as at least that way I could walk some if I needed after all it only says 3 miles it doesnt say how fast.

    29.52 later I have my fastest 5K time in a long time and it felt strong the whole way through even ran up the two big hills I would normally have avoided - maybe my PT isnt so mean after all.  Buzzing with Runners High now image

  • Morning all

    well i haven't run now for 2 days just been to tierd after a busy night at work but must get out today for some from of run

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Morning all


    Managed a sweaty 4 miles yesterday in 36:54.

  • Toby snap I've not run for 2 days either !!!! Too much to do and I'm working the whole weekend so I'm getting out later hopefully as I've got 10 miles to do its either do them later at 6 pm or get up early at 7am and run then tomorrow then go to work ...I'm swaying towards tonight ...

  • Um I'm now swaying towards the morning!!! #it's too warm to run 10 miles .....I'm a cold weather runner !!!! but I love the sun and heat 

  • well got out for my run boy it was hot so split the run down again into three 5 mile loops and a 6 stopping after every loop for 10 minutes to take on water and lucozade and to cool down even had an ice lolly after the 3rd time around

    Hoping i haven’t to burnt as i plastered the sun tan lotion on before going out

  • Think it was just as hot this morning as last night!!! Still 10 miles done and dusted at a 10 min mile pace  wasn't gonna push it any faster.....

    Shower and then off to work today ...don't normally work a Saturday but boss is away and as she is a nice boss I don't mind helping out...

    stay cool everyone image

  • Got up and out of the door by 6.30am this morning to get my 10 mile run in before it got too hot.  Left Toby in bed and he had only just got up when I came back just over 2 and a quarter hours later.  Not brilliant split times, but it was just too hot to run too fast!

    Not much shade out there on the run, but at least it is done and dusted and I can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.

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