Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Hi Faya,

    I am so sorry for your bad knee. Your description sounds to me as if you have - as we say in Austria - a "runners knee". The only therapy to this inflamation is not running till it is gone. Normally this lasts 3 to 4 month. No running during this time! If you start running too early you have the chance to go in a "circle" of running-bad knee-3 weeks rest-running-bad knee and so on. But in any case you should seek professional advise.

    Myself, I did the Vienna Night Run on Tuesday and I set a new PB for the 5k with 22:53. I ran at around 95% of my capacity, therefore I am optimistic for the Marathon at the End of October.

    Greetings for you all!

  • Hello everyone...  Marathon fever is gripping me now. 1 day and 21 hours is left on the Chester clock.   Then tootle about a bit fore a couple of month before starting to turn attention to Brighton.

    What the hell have you lot been rabbitting on about these past months?  933 posts about a marathon that isn't even on the distant horizon yet!

  • Hi all, I have seen there is a nice article on the runnersworld homepage about running in Swizerland. It describes running in Lucerne where I am going to run the Marathon in three weeks time. I like it!
  • Hmm...3:35 Runny Knows........I'd be over the moon with that time. Not sure I can knock off a whole hour of my time in year......though to be fair, I am feeling a lot fitter at the moment.

    I am however currently running with an inguinal hernia and am going in for surgery in November which will put me back a bit as I'm guessing my training will be interrupted for a few weeks.

    GOOD LUCK at Cricklade later today Toby image


    Lucerne sounds like a seriously magical place to run a marathon Franz. Congrats on the 5k PB!

  • Well Cricklade done and dusted unofficial time 1:41:00 but had to ask someone as i messed up turning on my Garmin at the start so will have to wait for the official chip time

    race went ok apart from a run in with some ass hole other runner i went passed them had just moved back over to the inside when they went past me so thought ok will tuck in behind them and use them to pace me along for a bit when i did managed to get past them the man said i bet your a shit driver as well if you’re going past then pass just let’s say i told were to go and go and gave them the 1 finger salute before leaving them in my dust


  •  Just looked on the Cricklade web page and the results are up new PB by exactly 2 minutes at 1:41:36


  • Cricklade done and dusted for me too ...another sub two hour for me woop woop ,a min slower than Bristol but I didn't have my go faster pace maker aka toby 3 ,so chuffed I did it on my own 1:59:07 and the sun was shining and was very warm ...glad I wore my shorts and t shirt IN OCTOBER!!!! 

    Pace wise Bristol was an average pace of 8:58 today was 9:02 but my training is going in the right direction for my sub 4 hour brighton marathon next year 

    Well done to toby 3 for his shiny new pb too ,and a big thank you to you and poohbear for my lovely gifts yesterday ,I was well chuffed ...See you both again next week for round 3 Swindon when poohbear is gonna shine image x x x 

  • No races for me today.

    I've just bashed out 35km in readiness for Dublin Marathon. This will be my first marathon that isn't Brighton. Really looking forward to soaking up the famous congeniality and craic of the Irish. Plus some Guinness afterwards. image

  • Anne good luck

  • Thanks Toby. I now just have to try not to go too mad during the taper, or catch a cold.


  • nice to have some more familiar faces joining the thread again....ive never done any marathons apart from brighton either anne ...hope you enjoy it ...

  • Hi Anne, I have seen you are competing on the 28th - I am running on the 27th! Hey that´s great!

    Have a good taper and keep on running!

  • Toby3 well done on the new PB.


  • I'm really looking forward to it Yvonne. It's got a good reputation and the Irish are so welcome that I'm not at all bothered by the fact that I'm going on my own and don't know anybody there.

    I have been constantly in marathon training mode since December last year so I think November will be a gentle month for me so I can focus on Brighton 2014 with relatively fresh legs.

  • afternoon all

    well just a gentle 3 miles for me today after Sunday will do another 3 tomorrow and then a gym session on Wednesday before resting up for Sunday's H/M at Swindon

    Sepn thanks it’s especially pleasing considering I've really been struggling with my long runs over the past couple of weeks


  • Toby3 - it is a really good result, I have not done more than 7 miles since my ultra, but trying to keep up 5 days a  week until mid november and then start the weekend long runs again, starting to look forward to it now, it is nice though just to go out in the morning and do what I want, no plan to follow.

    take care everyone

  • morning all

    well to my shame the 3 mile run didn't happen yesterday got a case of CBA and the settee was comfortable had a rest day instead will try again today

  • 10 miles for me yesterday......5 miles uphill then 5 back down! image

    I guess I'd better bank some miles before my hernia op next month. image

  • Morning all, hope you are doing better than me, since the last 20miler on Sunday I have pains in the calf and ham muscles. The pain dimishes slowly when I run beyond 3 to 5 mi but on the next morning it is very hard to go out of bed ot to stand up from a chair. I did a 6mi recovery on Thuesday and yesterday 6x600 speedwort. I was able to maintain 2:46 for the 600 as planned but it was hell. I did not expect this in the taper cycle!

    Take care!

  • Finally dusted off the winter gear tonight as it was raining. image

    Went out and ran 6 miles in my legging/tight things and showerproof jacket.

    Felt pretty gruelling, probably due to taking the kids to Pizza Hut after school and 'indulging' image


  • You did better than me then swervin mervin...I chickened out of outside running and opted for the dreadmill ,only did a little 2 miler keep the legs ticking over for the third half marathon of the 4 in 6 week madness on Sunday it's Swindon and it's hills ...then a race I've not done before devizes half on the 20th 

    And yummy in your tummy to pizza hut pizza ...I like the posh goats cheese one ...I hope it was the salad you indulged in image

  • Hi Yvonne.........I must try a treadmill one day....I've never actually been on one.


    I'm jealous of the half marathons.....good luck! I feel really aimless at the moment with no 'events' to look forward to in the near(ish) future.

    lol @ indulging in the salad...........does such a thing as an indulgent salad exist? I am afraid I went for some sort of Cajun Chicken spicy pizza........really not suitable running fuel tbh.

    Still my 7yo boy was made up! I picked him up from school and we rode 3 miles each way to the Marina to get pizza and he was good as gold. He'd been asking to ride somewhere other than 'round the block' for ages. He was dead proud to have his bike locked up at school and was then looking forward to our 'adventure' all day.

  • Well to my shame yet again the gym session never happened must try harder may go out for a gentle run today or have another try at doing the gym

  • no running for me today, feels like i have pulled a muscle in my shoulder and top of my back, hope it gets better soon.

    looking forward to the colder weather as it signals marathon training is about to start

    Swervin - congrats and the dads and sons time, my son is 8 so fully understand what you mean

    take care everyone

  • Two weeks to go and I will board the plane to Zurich and then the train to Lucerne...

    Yesterday I was mailed my participants document, my bip number is 358. I think this race I will run without the Garmin. There is a very good pacer service and I will take the 4:00 pacer as long as I can. Maybe I will lose em or maybe i can overtake...

    I took two days rest, tomorrow I will ron the last long one, a 17miler.

    take care and have fun

  • The colder weather is a blessed relief as marathon training in the summer is blinking hard work! Still haven't fully recovered from Sunday's last LSR. Energy-wise, rather than leg-wise. Sunday's not so long run - only 13 miles - should be cooler so at least I'll get some cool weather running in before Dublin.


  • well have to agree with Anne  about the weather 10 miles for me today it was lovely and cool with a slight drizzle made a refusing change mined you i bet we won’t e saying that 2 months into training for Brighton it’ll  be  when’s the sun coming out

  • Franz good luck with your marathon.

    Anne i like the fact at taper time for a marathon we think of a little run as only 13 miles ..

    I find out if i have a charity place for london by next friday ..fingers crossed ..then its full on training 2 marathons in 7 days ...and fundraising events coming out of my ears ...and constant nagging, i mean asking nicely for donations image

  • hi everyone, not sure I have much to contribute to this interesting thread  but am really looking forward to running in Brighton next year. Just did Bournemouth last weekend which only enhanced my opninion of how good the Brighton Marathon is. I am truly sad as have been wishing the year away since the April this year image a sidenote to Franz leaving your watch at home


    never going to happen image

    My running watch is the single most important thing in my life tragic that it is is but true image

    to everyone else keep up the good work image


  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭

    I love my running watch as well. Second only to a decent running bra.

    So I've had my month off of running. My knee is feeling alright, but I'm worried about running on it again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should start up my running again to make sure I don't kill my knee straight away?

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