Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Just got back to Bristol following our weekend away with Yvonne for the Swindon Half Marathon.  A big thanks to Yvonne for her hospitality and helping pace me round Swindon along with Toby3. 

    According to my Garmin I knocked 6mins and 2secs off my pb set at Bristol last month, and a massive 42 and a half minutes off my time at Swindon last year now I am fitter and 3 stone lighter. 

    Just got to wait for the official time to appear on the Swindon Half website which is temporarily unavailable at the moment.

  • Sooo excited had to share ....I'm run in for Parkinson's uk in next year's london marathon .....yep I'm still doing brighton too image

  • well 10 miles for me today what a difference in the weather a couple of days makes slight chill in the air but the sun was out and i even managed to get out in a t-shirt and running vest hope for more of the same on Sunday

  • Great news about London Yvonne! Only slightly jealous image How much money do you have to raise to justify your place? I'd love to run London.

    Great news on the PB Poohbear!

    I managed a quick 5 miles around the park today while my boy was at football club. I also did 10k last night, covering the first 5k in a PB for me @ 21.46 image

  • Swervin ,thanks ,I have to raise £1900 and I paid £50 for my place,which I thought wasn't bad......others are asking £100 for a place plus sponsorship ...

    My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's 2 years ago so it's a cause close to my heart and if you have passion about it ,it makes the fund raising worthwhile ...

    I've set up my just giving page and even though the marathon challenge is 168 days away brighton first then london the fundraising starts now ....

    Will be 're posting said address link lots of times everywhere ....and fundraising evenings and guess my time etc .....need to buy a diary today to track training and fundraising events ,me thinks it's not going to be a dull winter image

  • Ran 6 miles this morning it was blxxdy freezing with the fog, looks like winter is finally on its way, so must be marathon training season.

    Yvonne2 - well done on your London place

    Swervin excellent 5k time

    take care everyone

  • Thanks you Swervin Mervin. 

    No training for me this week so far as still have friction burns from Sunday.  Must remember to use vasaline in wet weather!

  • Ouch poohbear hope those burns heal quickly....

    Hope your legs are recovering certainly dug in and gave 200% at Swindon half marathon ,you enjoy your week off of training ...

    By the way are you and toby interested in running the Swindon 10km on the 17th November or is that too close to boscombe?

  • just a little 3 miles forme today will rest up now till Sunday as Yvonne wants to be pace around for a sub 1:50:00image

  • Yea right ha ha ......I'm fighting off the advances of a cold taking lots of vit c and Echinacea .....but if poohbear can run her best I can too ......have you got a wheel barrow to push me round in image

  • Hi All,

    just over a week left till Lucerne. Tapper is good, I feel definitely better and less tired. Should be sunny and nice this year. Have booked a hotel at the seafront. Will take some Swiss Rösti for carb loading image

    Just joined a running group of lunatics. We make a run each full moon night - tomorrow is the next one!

    Have a nice weekend!

  • well off to Yvonne’s later for the last of our 3 in a row for this year she has however tempted me and Poohbear to run the Swindon 10k in November so that will be a extra one again this year but our race calendar is nearly done now with just the Boscombe 10k at the end of November and a Santa’s on the run fun run left for this year then 2 weeks later training kicks of for Brighton

  • well Devizes H/M done and dusted yet another soaking again today no PB as i was paceing Yvonne we both on for another sub 2hr race despite the rain that’s until we hit mile 12 were they sent us up a lane which was Ok despite being a quagmire until we reach the point when it sloped steeply up at that point Yvonne said she had to walk as her legs were going so she told me to go on

    i managed to cover the last mile in time to come home in 1:58:42 a good course there were a couple of really steep hills in it but no worse than Swindon the only down side of today is that everything was ether soaking wet or covered in mud

    so that’s this year’s three in a row done  may well run a couple of different races next year for a change

  • Afternoon all

    well no running for me this week i have decided to take a week out although did do some cross training this morning in the shape of house work have to say i haven’t looked at my running shoes yet there still were i left them on Sunday under the radiator were they were left to dry out will have to have a look and see how bad they are and if there dry yet

  • Well my legs have recovered from my three in a row,not sure about my trainers though,they are dry but a bit stiff, have been looking online for a pair at a decent price but so far still up near £100 , is there really any difference between men and womans? Seems to be so many more in men's and cheaper of the Brooks gts adrenaline ...

    Also now time to start thinking of the training plan too image I have three to look at and may take bits from each one to fit in with my life ,will be doing a few more 20 milers due to doing 2 marathons in 7 days too,

    Can anyone recommend a good pair of compression socks too 

  • yvonne

    I dont use compression socks but use calf guards by compressport they are really good

  • No idea how you've all got to nearly a thousand posts - and we're still 6 months from this event.  What on earth have you all been talking about?image

    So...  my autumn race is behind me. I'm taking a few weeks off any marathon training, but my thoughts are beginning to turn to Brighton now.  Especially as I failed in the VLM ballot!

    Will start hanging around this thread soon.

  • Yvonne,

    Reference difference between men's and women's shoes... I've read about it a bit.

    This Asics article discusses it. As it's Asics, I'm sure there's a heavy dose of marketing spin in there, but there could still be something significant too.   I'd be interested to know what people think.

  • Cheers c&idad I'm thinking of getting a pair as I'm running both brighton and London so need to be properly recovered so willing to try them in training and rest 

    Runny knows read the article thanks very informative, I wonder how us poor woman coped with man trainers before image....just wish all woman were not a size 7.5 in brooks trainers then they might have lots in the sales ....normally just a 6 shoe by the way just to clear that up!!  Lots of size 3, 4 ,5 ,6 available for a bargain £30 ...

    Oh and we find lots to talk about on this thread next topic will be what plans are everyone going for? 

  • Brighton will be my first marathon, run my first HM in September, just waiting for some ITB to clear up and then will be into training, can't wait.

    Yvonne 2 - was looking at either asics or RW training plan, any recommendations from anyone, aiming for 4:15.

  • Sully 2 hi ,I'm aiming for a sub 4 this year ,need to up game as my pb is 4:22 I normally use a Sam Murphy plan but I'm gonna look around at a few different one's in the next few weeks ,I'm also fundraising so I need to make sure I have enough time for everything ....hence I've got myself a diary this year starting from 1st Nov to plan my runs, write down how they went etc,plan in fundraising and social things to ...

    Hope you enjoy your first marathon journey sully 2 ,I still remember mine as if it were yesterday ,I was amazed I could keep running for the 20 mile training runs and even more so when I ran the whole 26.2 miles and crossing the line was amazing and yes I did have a little tear of happiness that I'd done it ....

  • thanks Yvonne 2, I will take a look at Sam Murphy programmes. Well done on your previous marathons, cracking 4h is my end goal but that will take a little while for me to get to - if ever.

  • ok week off now finished must get back to it On Monday and as we now only have about 5 weeks before my training program for Brighton kicks in i may well start now by doing two 5milers and an 8 in the week and 10 on a Friday haven’t managed an20 mile run for some time now what with doing the 3 H/M in a row so may wait till the end of November then have i crack at one

    I’m not going for a time this year as i have decided to run with my daughter so i may actually get to enjoy the views this year from the cliff top instead of head down and going for it

  • Just checking in for a quick mooch about.  Seems to be some awesome running been going on!image

    Did Great South Gale Run yesterday.  That wind didn't half mess my hair up!image

    Marathon training schedule kicks in on 15th December.  Like my hair, it's not longimage

    See you all soon GF

  • Morning all

    Just 5 miles for me yesterday i was going out for a run but the weather was just  too bad and after 2 soaking’s just didn’t fancy another one so it was into the garage to used the treadmill while watching wreck it Ralph on DVD

    Green Fairy great to hear from you hope all is well

  • What a difference a day makes weather here’s lovely today suns out blue skies so went out for a run did 10 in the end so the warm up training towards Brighton has started must sit down some time and plan out my training schedule

  • I had a lovely holiday in Dublin.but the marathon didn't go quite as planned but I guess anything can happen when you run a marathon.

    My calf 'went' just after 17 miles so I had to walk much of the rest of the route, with the exception of the last 2 miles which I managed to run at race pace with a sprint fiinish.

    I made sure I soaked up the atmosphere, interacting with the crowds; doing a really bad Irish Jig; blowing kisses at my adoring fans; telliing people to call me 'Hopalong'; hopping a bit; waving and giving a few 'low fives' to some kiddies.

    One guy said 'It's only yer leg' when I told him why I wasn't running & who then made me start running again for a while.

    I finished in 4:57 - not bad considering I walked nearly 7 of the the last 9 miles. image I was running at about 4:17/18 pace before my calf decided to play silly beggers...

    I was very emotional at the finish - in the same way as I was for my 1st marathon i.e. the 'high' of completing a huge challenge and didnn't have any feelings of disappointment as it was just one of those things that could've happened to anyone.

    I have just found out that a runner had a fatal heart attack after crossing the finishing line in 3:10. It's just so sad and puts everything into perspective.




  • Well done Anne ,to complete a marathon is always a massive achievement ,it's not just the marathon itself it's also the months of dedicated training to in all weather's ,you are a marathoner 

    Green fairy I can't wait till training starts properly looking at some plans at the moment to see what fits into my life and will be achievable...

  • Morning all

    just 5 miles for me yesterday sat down after the run and worked out my training plan for Brighton it’s basically the same one I’ve used every year but with a few more tweaks to it then working it back from the 6th of April it turns out week 1 is the first week of December so that give me just over 4 weeks till it kicks off

    Anne well done you for keeping going and finishing

  • Thanks, guys.

    That's now 5 marathons under my belt. It's hard to believe that 5 years ago I never thought I would be able to run 26.2 miles.

    Dublin marathon has a really good 'craic' & I may go back again at some point as it's a lovely city.

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