Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Tillstar the forerunner 110 is good round about £100 or less now it gives you pace speed etc I've had mine for nearly two years now and I love it ...

  • Thanks Yvonne will look into that I had a cheaper lesser garmin before and it broke so need to replace it now I am running more
  • Morning all

    5 miles done yesterday have another 5 to do today

    Tillstarwe signed Snowmaiden up with weight watchers she done brilliantly losing the weight both me and Poohbear are members as well and that’s how we both lost the weight we wanted to i lost 3st and Poohbear lost 2.5st with them

  • Thanks Toby. I think I will look into my local weight watchers then. I'm not managing to lose the weight on my own so that looks like the way to go.
  • Had another 4 days off following my last run where I thought I'd got away with my plimsoll experiment with just 2 days off just over a week back... fingers crossed.image

    A mere 8 minutes yesterday to test the water. Seemed to go OK so I did 26 mins today (as an arbitrary catch up). I was meant to be doing jog/run intervals for 85 minutes today but I have blown training so many times before I'm just taking it easy, sneaking back up to where I should be on "the plan". I should be back on track tomorrow if no suspicious aches.

  • For some daft reason I added up the miles I have run specifically for the Brighton marathon 2014 so far... just over 102 miles so far! Yippe. But it should have been about 139 if I'd not had time on the bench. Still, 139 miles past their due date on "the plan", 102 mile completed... about 630 to go. It's a good job we like running image

  • Some great stories above, very inspiring. Started my asics marathon plan for the second time, had to take a break due to ITB for 2 weeks. Not sure it has gone away, seeing new physio next week, but got 5 miles in tonight and seemed ok.

    Piggback Rideplease - that is some miles you are putting into your legs, you have me worried if my planned 480 will be enough.

  • Week one ,of training for brighton and London marathons nearly complete,I decided to stick with the old faithful plan by Sam Murphy she hasn't let me down yet ....Friday saw a 45 min fartleck run,Saturday was an 8 miler,Sunday a 30 min recovery run,Monday was a 40 min run with 16 lots of continuous hill repeats,Tuesday rest,today was a 45 min threshold run with 5x4 mins challenging with a 90 second recovery,tomorrow is cross training although I'm having two moles removed from my back so will see how I'm feeling,Friday is 30 mins steady and Saturday a 9 miler

    Must say it's been bloody enjoyable,loved every min of running this week....

    My training has started after a successful Autumn of half marathons I did 4 in 6 weeks and smashed my pb and finally got under the two hour mark on two of them,narrowly missed out on a sub two on the last one but I think I ran my hardest on that one with the hills,and helped poohbear with her pb on the other half I also smashed my 10km pb with a time of 53  mins so all is good ,I'm hoping to go sub 4 in Brighton so some very serious training coming up and with London I'd still like a sub 4:30 

    Hope everyone else's training is going to plan 

    Oh and I hope you don't mind if after Christmas I put my virgin money giving page up as I'm running both marathons for Parkinson's uk but it's the London marathon I need to raise most for .....thanks 

  • Morning all

    Well to my shame never got the 5 miles done yesterday woke up late and only had time for a bath before i had to leave to meet Poohbear for our weekly lunch together

    So hopefully will get them done today as from next week how ever i may just do 1a 1o mile run on Monday and a Tuesday instead of 10 miles Monday and 5 Tuesday and Wednesday

    That way at least i will cove r the mileage i need for the week

  • Yvonne, I am entered for london and brighton, but not sure if 2 in 8 days is a bit crazy - what is your plan, run first one quick and trot round the second one or blast both and potential crash and burn? Or take both easy?



  • Hi wenty,glad I'm not the only crazy one ha ha ,plan is to try and get a sub four hour at brighton and hope to still try and get a 4:30 in london,but to also enjoy London cos I only plan to do it the once ( she says) 

    Just gonna take my training a lot more seriously this year and not play at it like the previous marathon training I've done....Have the added incentive of having to raise lots of money for Parkinson's uk,my dad was diagnosed three years ago now so that in itself will get me up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning for my long run,and this past week I've just not given myself a chance to talk me out of a run,by just coming straight in from walking the dogs ,getting changed and getting back out,the dog walk helps with getting acclimatised to the weather outside and acts as a mini warm up ...


  • Afternoon all

    just did a short 3 mile run today as not feeling 100% the blasted cold I’ve been fighting all week finally got the better of me today still with the 10 i did on Monday and the 6 Tuesday I’ve covered the mile for the 3 shorter runs just a 10 mile to do tomorrow but will have to see how i feel when i get up

  • A tad under 4 miles today. Normally I don't notice the endorphin thing until after my run but today, within 10 minutes, I thought I was away with the fairies, wheeee! image It may have been the sunshine combined with the strong gusty wind blowing flurries of leaves around me. Lucky I managed to avoid getting whipped by the flailing low tree branches hanging over the pavement in all the wind. That would not have put a smile on my face but I didn't mind getting my hair combed by them on this occasion.

    Checked out the new marathon map on the Brighton Marathon site. I must scout out that nasty looking bit where it looks like it sneaks uphill in the vacinity of the marina. A tiny bump of a hill compared to some marathons I expect but as I'm doing much of my training on the flat I think I should take a look.

  • Piggyback - it really is not a hill to worry about as it is barely noticable. The whole thing is pretty flat.

    Is it the same course as last year, and the year before etc etc.

    Hope that cold clears up Toby - best get it out of the way now!

    Yvonne - I really want to target London as my quick marathon, which would mean me scrapping Brighton, or Using Brightonas my quickie and limping round London!

  • Ran 9 miles this morning in 1:35:36image

  • Good stuff tracey - tops my 5 miles today

  • Hello all of you. I'm on the mend from my surgery....though until last weekend I could have sworn the surgeons had messed it up.

    Jeeez, I wouldn't wish a hernia repair on anyone. I honestly had no idea it was going to be so painful.

    Anyways, I ventured out on Tuesday and tentatively did a couple of miles which felt okay.

    Went out tonight and for the first time in over three long weeks, I stretched my legs, got the wind in my hair and filled my lungs with a decent run. image

    I managed my staple 10k run along Brighton/Hove seafront and completed it in 50:44 which I was happy with.

    God it felt so so so good to run again!!!! I really was going crazy stuck in the house.

    I've definitely put on pound or two and the legs felt a bit heavy...muscles felt tight too (a touch of the old ITB even...hope that doesn't come back to haunt me).

    Anyways....I guess I'd better find a training plan. image 

  • Swervin so glad your back to your running just remember to take it steady still ,for a week or so...

    My mole removal op on my back went ok yesterday,although I feel very sore this morning,the doc says I can still run, but put a dressing over the two wound sites so that the stitches don't rub against my top ....

    Just a 30 min easy planned for today so shouldn't be too bad 

  • Swervin - you are running a marathon after a Hernia Op? Rather you than me!

    I have had some serious abdominal surgery earlier in my life and it still causes my Abs grief on longer runs (scar tissue i presume) Wishing you all the best with the training. Are you planning on doing some core work as well as running?

    I also have trouble with ITB and have found foam roller and excercises best to keep it at bay!

    Yvonne - sounds painful - take it easy!

  • 8 miles in ~1h 20m today of jog, run, jog, run etc. which ended up feeling like the biggest effort yet. My nips are sore (even tho' I put body glide on) and my feet are sore too. I think the laces in my shoes must have shifted around as it's the first time these shoes have not been so good. I also seem to have a mildly achy back which is a new one for me (from running).

    I thought body glide was meant to be the biz for preventing things like sore nipples (bloke). Perhaps I should get a bra image. What's everyone else using for this?

    Overall I think it went well & I feel good (but achy, nurse)! Rest day tomorrow - I think it will do me good.

  • Well amazed myself tonight, set out to do the half hour run as in the plan and ended up doing the 9 miles that was pencilled in for tomorrow morning,so my long run has been done just felt so good I was cruising could of easily done more but time was against me as my taxi sevices were needed by my daughter just a 30 min recovery run tomorrow then ....

    Then off to see poohbear and toby can't wait for a catch up 

  • Spoke to local pharmacist about sore nips for blokes & she says her hub' uses surgical tape but that it hurts pulling it off. I got some anyway to try but now wondering about removing some hair around them to minimise screaming post run image when it's time to rip the tape off, eeek.

    Sore nips, surely there's a better way?

  • evening all got my place in Brighton and will be doing it this time rather than running along the Champs Élysées. Unfortunately I've been bit poorly so haven't managed to start any running until this week and it has been slow going!  This could be a disaster!

  • Welcome back Emma ,hope you feel better soon 

  • Thanks Yvonne - going to be doing the mince pie 10 with plenty of walking breaks on Sunday! 

  • My one "rest" of the week today so I managed fairly well I think. Dug the now later than "late" spuds up from the allotment, chucked half that had been tunneled into. Took those home & then carried a nice large crimbo tree home. I think that should still leave me ready for my long slow run tomorrow.


  • Piggy that doesn't sound like a rest say to me!

  • Just 5 miles this morning but knee feeling ok (ITB), will still see physio this week is would just describe it as a niggle at the moment.

  • Today is my long slow run day & I decided to include a few bits of the Brighton marathon route which may interest those of you wondering what's in store on a tiny subsection (a slow 75 minute amble)...

    I've just taken this from my running diary, picking up near the marathon start:

    Reaching the North West corner of Preston Park... Here I jogged along the very wide park path where I think the marathon start is to be about 2/3 of the way along it. I didn't do the loop around the park that us non-elite runners will have to do but headed for The Level. This is a nice tree bordered park with some open spaces, a skateboard area and a cafe. After this, on past St. Peters church, (a lovely sight & one of the first for me after getting off a train in Brighton & heading down Trafalgar Street on my way to a degree course interview back in about 1984!). From here I went along the two island gardens North of the "Old Steine" and then crossed into the ground of the Prince Regents Palace, The Royal Pavilion. The marathon route doesn't go through the gardens but past the other side of the Pavilion. I got married in there! It doesn't take long to pass through the lovely palace gardens and then I headed along East Street, to the South of the famous Brighton Lanes. Once along here I came out on the busy Grand Junction Road just missing Brighton's remaining intact pier. Crossing the road I stayed on the pavement above the promenade passing many well known buildings until road works forced me off there & down to the beach. Here I picked up the lovely promenade path passed the skeleton of the burnt out West Pier. I can remember getting to visit this pier during the Art Festival one year to witness it in its last few decaying years. Fascinating & somehow spooky imagining all those visitors enjoying it back in time.

    Snapping back to the present; the promenade goes past all sort of things & then picks up Hove Lawns. Just before it does there's the Peace Statue which I decided to detour around. From here I carried on along the prom' with the sea on my left and the lawns on my right. As I was just pootling along at a fairly sedate pace I had expect more people to have passed me, anyone at all in fact. I'd almost run out of lawns, getting about level with Kings House, (council offices), before anyone did. Then about 4 or 5 people passed in a fairly short space of time. Except for one couple, these folks didn't seem to be in a group. I carried on past the colourful beach huts & to the end of the lawns. Here there are a few more buildings near the prom' including Marrocco's where you can get some rather nice ice cream. I've no time for an ice cream right now & carry on, passing the King Alfred leisure centre (possibly soon to be turned into something else). Here you get to a mixture of odd things that look like painted concrete block beach huts, (not horrible but not as nice as the others), more of the usual colourful beach huts, a few small fishing boats (some crumbling away), the occasional cafe and other small buildings near bowling green's & such like. I carried on to the stripy door of beach hut 218, mindful of my running time, where I headed back towards Grand Avenue with Kings House on the corner. Here there's a statue of Queen Victoria and in my head I asked if she was amused. At this point I almost tripped over so perhaps she was.

    From the beach hut where I turned around I notice that I'm getting hotter suddenly. It seems that I've been running into a barely noticeable breeze & now, going the other way, I'm mostly running at about the same pace as the air so my own heat is following me & I'm carrying my own sauna along in my wake! Luckily for me, I turn perpendicular to the wind at the Queen Victoria statue.

    Here I'm breaking off from the marathon route & head back

  • I see my text has been truncated but you didn't miss much more. Probably just as well. ~75 minutes, just under 7 miles nice & easy on a fab' mostly blue sky day.

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