Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Spin class for me last night. Good fun but very hard work. Might try and fit that In every week on top of my normal training. Just spent far too much money on new running gear. Got no excuses now need to make sure that money wasn't wasted ????
  • I've just had a chat with BM about parkrun in Preston Park (where the marathon starts) the day before the marathon, to confirm how we can fit in parkrun at 9am before the kids mini mile races and it all sounds OK, so if anyone will want to do a 5k warm up on April 5th we'll be there (I'm not sure if you should be running  5k the day before a marathon??) but if your parents / partners / children / friends are coming for the weekend and fancy a run or if you're a parkrunner and want to pop in to socialise we'd love to see you.

    The route includes the marathon start line.

    Brighton parkrun in Hove park will also be on if you want to go up the hill to run there.  

    I'll post a reminder on here nearer the time.


  • A 5k jog sounds like a good way to loosen up the legs for Sunday! image

  • Afternoon all

    Well 12 wet and wind miles done today went out with Snowmaiden again have to say the in improvement from last year is impressive she off home today so I’m looking forward to seeing how much she improves  when we get a chance to get out foe another run together


  • Yes please post a reminder nearer the time john we would definitely be wanting to do the park run.

    Well done snow maiden - u r such an inspiration
  • Second week of training finished.  I havent been able to fit in the length of runs that programme says this week with Christmas activities getting in the way, but have joined runs together midweek to make one 10 mile run alongside Snowmaiden & Toby, and another 7 mile run with Toby this morning.  What with Ice skating twice this week too which I have used as cross training I feel I have put enough exercise in even if it isnt all running.

    Hope to do better next week!

    Hope everyones training is going to plan.


  • An hour yesterday. A rest day today, ahhhh! image

  • Tillstar, i met up with snowmaiden ,poohbear and toby last saturday ,we had a lovely evening eatinfg a christmas dinner cooked by poohbear it was lush...and snowmaiden looks amazing!!!! she has done amazingly well and looks a completely different person....

    Long run today was a 10 miler which turned into 11.20 miler,like i say am enjoying my running at the moment, cant seem to get this slow run though, my pace today target marathon pace is 9.00 although toby has said just go out and run to how you feel ,so thats what im doing....

  • 95 minutes of jog-run-jog-run-jog today. I was quite tired after that. Looped Preston Park & then ran down past The Level to the sea front taking in much of the marathon route as far as the edge of the marina where it was time for me to turn back. Didn't quite manage to tip the 10 mile mark but would have given myself a good effort badge anyway, if I had some handy!

    And I managed to miss the rain. image

  • 10 miles for me this morning in one hour 44 not as fast as I used to do it but not bad since this was my first week of training. 18 done for the week so I'm happy with that for a start. Lost 2lb too so that's starting well too just got to work harder and keep it up.

    Went down to Brighton for the day yesterday and had fun on the pier then drove some of the route next time I see Brighton it's going to hurt image
  • Hello everyone,

    I have been lucky enough to get a charity place in Brighton next year and then I also got my club place in London, so I'm planning to run both and hopefully raise lots of money for the charity. Is anyone else doing both or know someone who has done this?

    Also, does anyone have any recommendations for hotels in Brighton? I'm trying to get organised image

    Thanks very much!


  • Hi Sharon yes I'm doing both ......running for Parkinson uk......can't wait ...Have run brighton 3 times before and this will be my first London cos you have to do it once 

  • Sharon - I did Brighton & London in


  • Tracey how was it?? I'm hoping I'll recover in time for my son's wedding on the 25th April image

  • Good running peoples! image

    I've had some ups and downs since my last post but things are getting better. The hernia repair is/was still causing me some grief. Absolutely fine most of the time, with sporadic bouts of near tear inducing pain. I've seen my GP who reckons a nerve is getting caught or snagged somehow in the repair.

    I've been prescribed painkillers which are absolutely doing the job. The pain hasn't returned since I've been taking them.

    Sooo......I've been out four times this week! image

    6 miles on Sunday, 7 miles on Tuesday, 6 miles on Thursday and 9 miles last night, so 28 for the week.

    My pace is a bit slower than it was but I'm happy for now.

    I really need to get a marathon training plan.....can any of you recommend one? I used this book for last years one as it was my first

    I would rather one that simply has me running varying distances, I'm not sure I want to be doing reps of fast and slow runs etc...and I definitely don't want to be doing any other exercises apart from maybe a trip out on the bike.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Morning all

    Did 7 miles with Poohbear on Saturday and yesterday both me and Poohbear did the Santa’s on the run fun run organized by the children society800 people all dress like father Christmas a great way to kick off Christmas

  • The plan said 25 mins. After my run yesterday that felt just right too, a tad sluggish I was but not surprised by that.

  • Evening all. Lots of good running going on. You guys are very good for the motivation. No running for me today as had car to collect from garage this morning and tattoo tonight but doing a session tomorrow instead even if it is forecast to pour with rain here. Probably a good thing I'm not running today. Did exactly what I know I shouldn't do yesterday and doubled my recent long run distance so have very sore legs and a seized up knee today. Lesson learnt image
  • Morning all

    10 miles for me yesterday will probably do another 10 today then have a couple of rest days and then i have 14 on Friday

  • The plan said 45 mins, I over shot to 47 and just ticked over the 5 mile mark which I was very happy with. Massive endorphin high for some reason... weeeee! image

  • Afternoon al

    10 miles done today this now give me enough mileage to cover the 2 shorter runs and the MWLR with a couple to spare just the LSR of 14 miles to do on Friday now

  • Hi all, just finshed an 8 miler.

    Toby and Poohbear bought me a lovely Christmas present that I got early to help with the training that I'm been meaning to squee over on here for the last week. I finally have my own garmin.

    It's surprising how much it makes me want to go out the door and get the runs in even when I'm knackered from work. I think pushing myself against the clock is the challenge I needed to get myself in gear. I'm not even having to bribe myself with chocolate any more.

    Quite pleased with my time today too. Managed around 12:30min/miles for the entire run. It's not the 11min/mile I'm looking for, but considering I ran Brighton at 16min/miles I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.

    Toby: Gunna do my 14 on Thurs when I'm off and get the 4 in before work Fri and the 5 after work on Sat or Sun

    Tillstar: On the weightwatchers. I'm finding losing the weight easier on that then trying to do it alone. And thanks image

    Yvone: It was nice to meet you again image Glad you enjoyed it

  • Managed 6 miles yesterday along Brighton daylight!!!!! Forgotten what running in the day is like! So much better...and you see other people running too image

    Just back in from a five miler the dark, and freezing driving rain. Man my pace is sooo slow since I had my op. Still enjoyed it though.

  • A little birdy tells me that Poohbear has been putting in sub 60, 10k'ers ........seems to me Sussex Runner might have some grovelling to do when Poohbear puts up her sub 4.30 Brighton Marathon time.

  • The real Mr I Poohbear not quite at the sub 60 minute 10k yet but has got close with a 66 minute one at Boscombe at the end of November she has taken 12 minutes of her 10k time this year we also ran the Swindon H/M again this year which was Poohbears first ever H/M

    Last year we got around Swindon in 3:24:26 this year she did it in 2:42:30

    as for a sub 4:3O at Brighton it would be nice but both Snowmaiden and Poohbear are looking to try to take 2hrs off  last year’s time giving them a 5:10 marathon but would be happy with anything with a  the 5 in front of it



  • At the rate they are going I think Poohbear and Snowmaiden will smash their targets.

    Im so exhausted this week I haven't managed to get a run in so im concentrating on the long runs these next two weeks and getting in a couple of shorter runs where I can and will hit training hard once I get Christmas out of the way

  • 90 minutes assorted paces of "jog" or "run" with 5 mins walk thrown in too. I didn't turn back quite early enough which left me with a 10-15 min walk home & started getting too chilly so jogged another .4 miles. About 10 miles total today. Felt rather off key much of the time, no idea why as pace seemed near normal for me. Hmmm! image

  • Another 5 miles in the lashing rain tonight. Looked at your book on Amazon you run barefoot now?

    That's 3 runs in 3 nights now. Won't feel so guilty on the Christmas night out tomorrow now! image


  • 6 miles with an average pace of 9.37 yesterday (yay my speed is starting to come back) then a spin class in the evening. 10 miles in 1hr 46 this morning so not amazing but after yesterday's exertions I'm more than happy with that. Knees and feet are dead now. That's my second week of training done as I'm getting fitted for trainers on Sunday which is why I did my long run today. Happy weekends everyone!
  • Swervin Mervin wrote (see)

    ...Looked at your book on Amazon you run barefoot now?


    Hi Servin Mervin - Thanks for looking at the book. I got going again fully barefoot and now run in zero drop shoes for doing "The Plan" (the training plan I'm using). If I find my form going off to the point that stuff starts getting injured or I begin to have constant niggles I normally let it recover & then go barefoot to get my form back again to try & identify what's going on. Barefoot is kind of another tool or exercise that I can drop into the mix now & then. I'll be updating the book after the marathon adding new content with my findings!

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