Gone down with a chesty / throat infection

Just my luck, training was going well (half marathon) and I woke up this morning having lost my voice, sore throat and enough phlegm to fill a swimming pool. Was coughing and sneezing last night which woke up my husband. Haven't gone into work today but started feeling off last week.


  • Turns out it is a virul flu chest infection.

    To make matters worse, I got a fever and blacked out at the top of the stairs, took a tumble down them, there was a lot of blood. Spent the next 14 hrs in the emergency unit at the local hospital undergoing various tests like blood on the brain etc., and X-rays - fortunately it was just concussion, although I managed to have 2 more black outs at the hospital.

    Oh, the drama of it all.
  • On the mend, but coughing a lot now..... will have taken 2 weeks off the training to get over this set-back.

    Still, the half-marathon isn't until end June so should be enough time to catch up with the missed training......

  • Glad you're getting better J, get all that bad luck out of the system now.

    Don't rush to cath up with training, start slow when you're up to it and you can get 8 quality weeks in.  If you give into the temptation of progressing too fast, you'll end up injured at the end of May and the HM will slip away.

    Best of luckimage

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