Dublin Marathon 2013

Planning Dublin as my first marathon. As it falls on my birthday 28th October it seems rude to refuse image

I've run a few halfs before in and around 2hours so looking for a sub 5hr debut. Training to start end June.

Accomadation booked , so no backing out............

Any other takers out there?



  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Me, me, I'm entered image

  • Gonna sign up as soon as I've Belfast out of the way.
  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    I wish I could, but a Monday marathon, on a school day, makes it too awkward.  It sounds a brilliant event.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    It's half term here so fitted in.

  • My sister and I are planning it as our first marathon but we're not going to sign up for another few months in case we pick up any injuries.  I can't stop thinking about it so I've started reading marathon books.  I think it's going to take over my life this year!

  • I'd really like to do it. My first marathon on Sunday so will see how it goes!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    London georginagem?  Good luck image

  • I am looking to enter. Ran this race as my first, and o far only marathon back in 2008. Did a 3:43, which I was delighted with. Since then, the 18 year old went to University and is now less fit. Will be looking to run a half marathon in June.

  • Ran a local 10k yesterday and slightly twinged my calf at around the 4k mark and stupidly ran on (slowly) and crawled in at 54mins. Bit stiff today so will have to rest it for a week or so.

    Will have to train smart once my marathon training begins in earnest.............. anyone recommend a good traing plan? -Had a look at Hal Hidgon novice and it looks as though it may fit in with my work schedule.

  • Thanks Cinders. Before I got a charity place for London I was planning on doing Dublin as my first marathon. I had such a good time I'm on the verge of signing up for this. Perfect excuse to visit a friend I haven't seen for ages, and obtain the 4:30 I was striving for in London! 

    Bracken I used Hal Higdon Novice 2. I stuck to the long runs religiously, was less successful with the week day runs but usually got 1 or 2 in a week, plus parkrun most Saturdays.

  • I did Dublin last year and it was great... definitely tempted to go back again this year!

    Bracken, as above, I stuck to the hal higdon plan and ended up taking 36 minutes off my PB marathon time!
  • I am also on. First marathon (moving up from 10Ks). Planning on doing 3 hms between now and then.

  • Just entered this image. I've been put off previously because of the price, but it's cheaper than travelling further afield (I live in Co. Down) when you consider transport and accommodation.

    Although I might treat myself to a night or 2 in a hotel anyway!

  • Samanthani take a look at http://www.trivago.co.uk and other comparrison websites you may be surprised how cheap accomadation can be, booked 2 nights myself.

    I'm from County Antrim, thought about Belfast marathon but by the sound of things it has turned into a glorified relay race - But Dublin seems to tick all the right boxes. 

    Still have slight calf strain so have not ran for 2 weeks image

  • Hi everyone, ive been training for Edinburgh on 26th May but sprained my ankle in the garde a couple of weeks ago.....its not completely healed and too risky so im going to sign up for Dublin instead.  Will be my 2nd marathon and hoping for 3.45.  Did about 5 long runs last couple of months 2 x18 2x 20 and a 23 so hoping i wont lose too much fitness and will try and maintain until October!!!!

    Will be looking for a hotel for 2 nights and flights from Glasgow!!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I was surprised when I booked our flights that BA was the same as the cheaper airlines when you started adding on luggage etc so went with them. Worth doing some comparisons.

  • Hi. I want to do Dublin but can't fly out until v early monday. Is there any one out there who would be willing for me to nominate them to collect my number and chip on my behalf.  i would then meet you around start line!?!

    i would be very grateful.




  • I am tempted to try out this one, having just completed the walled city marathon in derry (my first one ). A bit early yet to pay up i think! 

  • I'm entered and i cant wait. This will be my fourth marathon and im planning on keeping a blog of my progress :



    Any one going over from England by themselves ?

  • Just booked some accomodation, after reading others are already booking theirs. Got a place near to the start. Its self catering mind, but i wanted that, so i could ensure i get a big bowl of pasta the night before!!



  • Dublin is going to be my first marathon.  Started training for it last Monday, really looking to completing it and hopefully reaching my target (3:20)  travelling down the day before and staying for a few nights with a group of us from the North.  Anyone looking to run around the same time and wants a running buddy for a while on the day... hit me up!! image

  • Morning Gareth, welcome to the forum. First marathon and going for 3 :20 thats really impressive!! What are your half marathon times ?

    This will be my fourth marathon and first over seas one (traveling from Lancashire England). My marathon PB is 3:48 , which i got at the Preston Guild marathon last year.


  • Sorry about the late reply.  Been really busy with work and training and being a dad image  done a 5K race on Friday evening around the streets of Belfast... run it in 19:11 which is a massive PB for me.  As for half marathon, my current best is 1 hour 40.  That wasn't a race and was also without a structured training plan.  So i will be able to give you a more accurate half marathon reading when i do the Belfast Half in September.  I know 3:20 is a crazy target to set for my first marathon, but im sure my training programme will see me through!  I hear Dublin is a nice flat course to.. perfect for my first image

  • That's a great 5K time Gareth.

    I think If you do the miles and all the other stuff like speed work, you've got the time to get 3.20, so good luck with your goal

    Im hoping for sub 3;40 really and id be very happy with that.

    The Dublin course, has a few hills in it, but only to around 200ft, there is a profile of the course on the official website. Ive heard one runner who has done It, describe it as 'easy' and another describe it as 'rolling'......as long as we all train properly, I guess we will be ok.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I did Dublin in 2005, I can only remember it as very wet lol.  Certainly wasn't much in the way of undulations.

  • Believe me when i say i pushed myself to the absolute limit with that 5K... nearly throwing up & everything. Worth it though!!  Where are you staying when you're over for Dublin?  3:40 is a superb time... like you said, if we do all the proper training then we can easily hit our targets.  I'm really enjoying watching my miles build up on Strava.. just hard getting used to the tender nipples!  image

    Cinders being from the North or Ireland makes me particularly used to the rain anyway lol just hope the wind isn't so strong!!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Lol, if I say I'm down in the South East in the UK and my neighbour has 2 palm trees then you could say we don't get as much rain as you do image

  • Dublin Marathon booked today. Bring it on.

  • Marathon training just about to start for me................

    Just back from long injury and struggling with with form. Had a 5 mile slog last night.

    I am a Long way from reasoanble basic running fitness at the minute.

    26 miles seems miles away (Literally!!) -but positive about what lays ahead - As James B says "Bring it on"

  • I am staying somewhere very close to the race start/finish which im pealed about. Gone self catering, as I kinda wanted to make sure , I had more control over portions and food choice......I know pretty nuts hey!!

    Im traveling over from England (Lancashire) too Cinders, you coming alone or with support ? I've been to Dublin once before but never for a race.

    Its still a great time Gareth, and I was actually sick after a race once!! Mostly because, I had a sprint race finish battle with this woman (of which I won) and once I had finished I had that tender stomach feeling you sometimes get when you've pushed yourself hard and well she patted me well done, on the back, at precisely the wrong time!!!

    Don't worry about how you feel at the moment Bracken we all have off days, as long as we get the miles in, all that matters is your on form on the day, get through the training, get some races in, maybe visit your local ParkRun and as James says "Bring it on"


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