Dublin Marathon 2013



  • 13 totally wet miles in Brighton for me yesterday, including a beast of a hill. At a sub-2hr marathon pace too image

    I'm staying in private accomodation near to St. James' Hospital. It's close-ish to Heuston Station and the number 13 bus route. Is public transport suspended/affected on the morning of the marathon?  I'll need to book a taxi if I can't use public transport as it's a 44 minute walk to the start.

  • Wow Sub2 marathon pace! thats pretty amazing going Anne, you can have the teas ready for us when we finish then :P

    I know its a bank holiday on the Monday, in Rep. Ireland so it might be Sunday service like in England. But i cant confirm this, im sure one of the locals will be able to give you an answer.

    I'm staying near that Merrion Square Park, so i should make it to the start on time!!!

  • Yes, that's correct, there will be a reduced / Sunday service on most public transport links. The city bus timetables can be found here - http://www.dublinbus.ie/ and for anyone on the Luas line see here - http://www.luas.ie/.

  • HALF marathon pace!!! D'oh!!


  • Hope your well for the big one SJPC14...big countdown on now..done a 12 miler sat nite...thats my last double digit run before marathon..ive got my stategy in place for the day..going to tag along with the sub 4 pacers and see how feel at 20 and raise my pace and try and get home in front of them...3.45-3.50 ideal but main thing is to get over the finish line... scheduled for a 4 mile tmorr 3 mile-wed 4 mile-thur and 8 mile-sat...
  • lol  did wonder Anne, still good going, sounds like your ready for the off.

    excellent work sausageroll and sounds like your also good and ready and you've even got a pace plan. Well done, everyone should have one.


    Well done Linda for posting that up image

  • 14 miles on saturday - super slow and felt super good !  Then saw the rain on sunday & went to gym with missus and sat on bike pedalling slowly for 45 mins while she did pilates !

    Just done 4.5 miles steady....day off tomorrow....Birthday 4 mile run on Wednesday.....X train Gym thursday.... 3 miles Friday.... 6 miles Saturday.

    Never thought of a race strategy???  - will put me finking cap on !!!


  • Good work Monty, you just need to get yourself a pacing stragety and it will help you get around in the time you want.

    And dont worry as soon as the race is done you can celebrate your birthday properly!!


  • Anne, as its a bank holiday all bus/tram services will be Sunday service, however there will be some diversions due to the marathon route going through the city centre. I live in Kilmainham which is right beside the hospital. I would recommend you get a taxi so as your not rushing. If getting a taxi ask the taxi man to take you down the canal route, this will mean you dont go through the city centre and you can walk over to the start route at Fitzwilliam Square from the canal, its a 2 minute walk. Just follow all the people!

  • Thanks, Shea. The street I'm staying in (Owen Avenue) looks lovely I thought a taxi might be the best option. I want everything to be as hassle free as possible.

    I've already started my list of things to pack!

    My next task is to work out a gentle sight-seeing itinery - just a little bit a day relying on public transport rather than my legs. I have my guide book so will be doing some reading at the weekend. image

  • Hi Anne. Like most cities nowadays, Dublin has one of those 'Hop On, Hop Off' bus tours. Can be a handy way to see the main sites. http://www.dublinsightseeing.ie/index.aspx

  • i ran seven miles pain free last night!! image i could be back!!

  • Good to hear that SJCP14..you will be grand come the big day..have you a strategy in place yet? What sort of time you aiming for? Done my last speedwork run yesterday..aiming for marathon paced runs rest of week and next week just simple easy paced short runs...hows your training going jim holmes?
  • well im goal is sub 3.40 with my PB being 3.48....

    At the moment i am thinking of a 3 pace plan. 8.20 for 10 miles then 8.10 for 10 miles then 8 for the final 6.2 and this should bring me home in plenty of time.

    And thank you, i am really pleased to have run pain free last night!! Out again tonight 8 miles, which will be the proper test to whether or not im fully  healed


  • Sounds a good plan SJCP14 and the very best of luck too...i would be so pleased to achieve a sub 4 as its my first marathon and ive trained hard for that target but ultmately a finish is priority...ive done both my 20 mile runs in 2.49..which suggests a sub 4 is achieveable but theres still 6.2 miles and who knows...going to enjoy myself and will be looking forward to a few coors on train home afterwards and a 2 week complete break from running...
  • Sounds like a nice recovery plan sausageroll and it also sounds like your on for your time. Just dont get carried away and stick to a pacing plan no matter how good you feel until the 20 mile point. Peak to soon and your suffer, which is kinda of what happened to me in my first marathon.




  • Anne, for sight seeing I suggest the hop on hop off bus, its €18 I think, but goes to all the major tourist sights. You can get the bus from O'Connell St outside Clearys Department Store. You will see the guys in red jackets selling tickets. The Bus will bring you to Kilmainham Gaol or the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) which are near where you will be staying.  

  • Hi All -  What has everyone got planned for the last 7-8 days ??


    Sat - 8 miles

    Sun - Rest

    Mon - 4 miles

    Tues - Gym 45 mins X training (no impact)

    Weds - 3 miles

    Thurs - Rest 

    Frid - 3 miles

    Sat - 2 miles 

    Sunday - The Plane !!! The Expo, The Pasta,  then try to sleep !!!


  • Ps....  Last cheeky little G&T tonight till the finish line  image

  • Sat-8 mile mp



    Tues-3mile mp

    Wed-3 mile easy

    Thurs- rest

    Fri-2 mile mp


    Sun-2 mile easy..


    Sun-early eve- pasta..

    Sun-nite..sleepless in the city..

    Monday-rise at 5am and bring it on BABY...
  • I've been in London for three days at a conference and in Dublin till late today so I have not trained since Monday - Not too worried as I think I needed the rest

    Back into it next week - A few knee pains that I don't like

    There are a lot of road closures on Marathon day so a taxi will only get you within 500M of the start - Pearse Street is the nearest you will get from the city centre

  • Have a few niggles myself jim..behind left knee and thigh..epsom salts bath should sort out...
  • Hi Jim and sausageroll, same issue here knee trouble! Ran 6 miles on Wednesday night and was running home when I landed on my left leg quiet hard, felt a big twinge in my knee! Havent been able to run since as Im afraid too! Have been icing and resting since! Was suppose to get 8 miles in today but not a hope. Will rest up I think until Monday and see how I am then. Will try the epsom bath this weekend as well!

  • I've been having ankle twinges after my last long run, but managed a treadmill session today pain free. Going to do a few more easy 3 or 4 milers during the week, nothing after Thursday, but will swim Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday - flight, expo, food, and try to sleep.


    Does anyone know how the buses will be running on the day? We will be staying in Clonskeagh. We could walk to the start (its about an hr), but will the no. 11 be going does anyone know?

  • Sunday service - restricted

  • beware of some major engineering works affecting some train routes on the marathon weekend: http://www.irishrail.ie/media/OctoberBankHoliday2013v31.pdf

    - this is a real pain as it kind of complicates things on marathon morning...

    spontaneously entered a local marathon last saturday, did a 3h27m; took 5 days complete rest after it & then did an hour at moderate pace yesterday - doesn't seem to be any negative effects, but hard to know...will just do a couple of 3-4 milers in this week...

  • Charlotte Clonskeagh is a good bit out from city centre, make sure you check the buses or get a taxi. Buses and Trains will be running Sunday Service check websites www.irishrail.ie or www.dublinbus.ie

  • SJCP14 i jarred my left knee at work few weeks ago and felt pain at beginning of my runs and afterwards as well.took an epsom salt bath every eve as well as iceing after runs..did the trick.after a week no more pain..at the mo a few niggles have come back but ill be treating them wiv epsom baths, iceing and rest as not much running scheduled next week..also sports physio booked for next saturday afternoon for an hour...so i think you doing the right thing next week and maybe you should consider sports massage particularly around your knee?
  • my knee is ok Sausageroll, I think you mean Shea, But all of you with twinges here and there. Just play it safe. You've still got over a week to recover from and by now your be fit enough to run the distance.

    Good post adog woof

  • Not much better today think ill visit my Physio this week for a check up. Only did half my runs last week. Will try a few short ones this week. 

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