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  • I signed up about a month ago but just found the forum...hello to all.

    I did Dublin back in 2006 which was my first marathon. I had a great time and managed 3:58 which is still my PB. I have not thought about travel or accomadation yet, must get on with it. As James says "Bring it on"

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Hello AA and welcome image

    I'm coming over with the other half and little one SJPC14.

    Still plenty of time yet Bracken image

  • Just put my 16 week training plan together and I offically start on the 8th July. I am not starting from scrath as I run about 20miles a week to tick over.

    Gareth, if your running 19 mins for 5K already, I think you should try and win the marathon!  Great time mate, under 25 is good for me. I did London in April and I had a really crappy time, my slowest marathon. I was full of injuries and not much real training. I remember being at 18 miles and thinking never, never, never again......they took at picture of me at 25 miles and you havenever seen such a sad looking case in all your life! I will keep it to remember why we train.

  • It sounds like a nice family affair for you Cinders, that a be nice.

    welcome to the forum Atom, sorry to hear that you had a crap time at London , ive done London and it too wasn't my best marathon, better than my effort the previous year at Edinburgh, where  I really struggled mind you!

    My marathon PB is 3:48 and aiming for sub 3:40 at this one, is anyone else going for around that time ?

  • I will be aiming for around 3.45 failing which anything under 4 hours.

    Will be boating over on the saturday and staying in Skerries.

  • 8 miles @ 10.30 mm (as per Hal Higeons instructions image

    This is my 1st marathon and I cant get my head around training at such a slow pace. I am not fast by any stretch of the imagination anyway -I normaly run at 9mm pace.

    I know there is probably logic to it and will stick with it.

    Nice to see so many joining this thread image

  • Actually I think I have miscaculated my training pace. Reading back over marathon training stuff I should be training at approx 1 -1.30 mins slower than planned marathon pace.

    So if I plan to achieve a 4hr 45min target =10.52 mile pace my training should be at say 12 mm - Does that sound about right?

  • That sounds about right to me Bracken as thats the time I'm aiming for too. I'm not a speedster but find it very hard to run that slow. I'm sure there's a reason for it....

    This will be my 2nd marathon, I did Loch Ness last year in 4:54 which I was well pleased with.

    I'm travelling over from Milton Keynes with my wife on the Saturday and not returning until Thursday so plenty of time to see the sights afterwards.

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    I'll be doing it. Had it planned as my first marathon last year and had all my training done when I fell of a kerb in training less than two weeks before. It took me about 5 months before I could run again.

    I've since done 2 marathons but have to go back and do Dublin.

  • Thanks Peter. Well done at Loch Ness by the way

    Redjeep - Fair play to you image Touch wood I can remain injury free............





  • Hi James, if your aiming for 3:45, we will probably be around each other. My Marathon PB is 3:48, so my first goal is to beat that.

    I had the weekend off running, but got all my scheduled runs in early last week, so not too concerned about that. Although, i have had a bit of a niggling injury, so might give tonight's run a miss hope that it goes away. It seems a lot better today, but you never know....decisions , decisions.


  • Just updated my blog with my week plans ahead, if your curious its at :




  • SJPC - I ran Paris in April and plodded round in 4.28. Unfortunately I missed the last 5 weeks of training (crucial long runs) and at mile 19, having gone round in 9 min miles, I started to struggle so I just made sure I finished. I was delighted with the time and finishing - as it was my first and given 5 weeks before I thought I might not make the start.

    All up and running again. I completed the Shrewsbury Half in 1 hour 41 minutes. So I have decided to a sub 3.45 plan. fingers crossed.

  • In those circumstances i think you've done well James, missing five weeks and getting around in 4.28 is great going. I personally believe, from my own experience, it takes a few marathons to get used to the distance. I did the Preston Guild Marathon last year and out of the three ive done, thats the only one i can say, went how i wanted it to go. The other two (London, Edinburgh) there were times were i really struggled to plod along towards the end, no matter run.

    I think you can get your marathon time,  if you get your training in and stay injury free, based on your HM time i cant see why you cannot. There are a lot of miles and thankfully a lot of weeks until Dublin, fingers crossed i'll see you and all the others on here, at the start line.


  • Just hope the running gods are with me and us all.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I'll be happy with the run/walk gods on my side.  I'm just aiming to get round image  It will be my first mara for 8 years (having had child/been ill) so happy to pootle round in any time image  


  • 8 year break hey! Bet your really looking forward to getting back into it!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Yes, it feels a long time image

  • i bet!! Have you still been doing other distances ?

  • Hello everyone. I'll be running Dublin in October (touch wood!) and it will be my 6th. Great support on the day and no real hills to worry about so I can highly recommend it. I got around in 3.27 last year so will be hoping to be in that ballpark area again this year. Training started officially last week but lots of work to do!

    I live in Dublin so if anyone has questions on logistics feel free to ask.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Hi LindaP image  Will probably have some logistical q nearer the time image

    Only shorter distances SJPC14.  

  • Hello Linda, welcome ot the forum. Its great to have not just a local but also a veteran of the race on board!!

    I'm staying somewhere very near the start of the race, not sure if its any good, but itself catering and was wondering what supermarkets are there in the vicinity ?


  • Sorry Cinders only just saw your post after i posted mine. What kind of injury was it you had ?

    And dont worry if youve only done shorter distances over the last few years, its hard to find races above half marathon any way.


  • Cinders - no prob, just shout if you need anything. I'll try and check in to the forum when I can.

    SJPC14 - The race starts and finishes in the centre of town so there are lots of shops and restaurants nearby. There's a large shopping centre in St Stephen's Green that has a Dunnes Strores in the basement so you can get everything there. There are also a few large convenience stores like Spar so you'll easily stock up. All will be open on Sunday too.


  • Excellent thank you Linda!

    Whats your top tip for the race ?

  • For 1st timers - enjoy it, you're guaranteed a PB and you'll never have a 1st marathon again. Remember to look up from the ground and take in the crowds who will be cheering you on. And smile like a crazy person for your finish line photo!

    For more experienced marathoners - don't panic when you encounter a little hill around mile 18 / 19. It's not the start of a long hilly section or anything horrible like that and you will get through it. It's not even a real hill, it just feels that way when you have that many miles run. 

    And anyone who will have supporters with them on the day should be very specific regarding a meeting point afterwards. Like any other big race it will be very crowded so saying you'll meet 'around the finish line' won't cut it. Suggestions would be at the gates of Dail Eireann or at The Merrion Hotel.


  • Hmm excellent tips Linda, i will prepare for a hill after 18/19 miles in my training then.


    Thank you

  • Some good tips there Linda. Nice to have a local on board image 

    SJPC I have also booked self catering near by, I think it is called premiersuites near to St Stephens Green, handy as it has secure parking for 10 euros per day.

    Linda -I guess there is plenty of choice for restaurants near St Stephens Green to stack up on Carbs the night before?


    Travelling down on the Sunday morning with wife -sold it to her as a mini holiday image

    9 miles scheduled 2morrow -easy pace.

  • Super Marathon time by the way Linda!



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