Dublin Marathon 2013



  • Thanks guys thats great going, both of you.

    Not sure why its vanished from the office site, tweeted them, but they didnt respond.......

    Any one here looking forward to see if Mo does race Bolt ?

  • Had one hiccup with training and that was Friday when I did the 1Km warm up and the 4 stride throughs and got 1/2 way on my first 400m when I was caught in a torrential downpour and had to call it a day - Here is next weeks schedule- Click on image for larger picture





  • he he the rains are certainly affecting play at the moment Jim. I wont go out in heavy rain, but if it starts whilst im out, I keep going...once your wet an all that.....then again it isn't sensible is it!


    Hows every ones running going, got though 50 last week and man was it tough, details here :


    Also im doing a charity run if anyone has any spare money id appreciate some donations thank you


  • how has every ones training gone this week ?

  • Here is my program for next week - My cheats for last week were only managed 19Km on LSR -just seemed to die although I was 2 minutes up on last weeks time and I did 8 x 400m rather than 4 x 1600m and I had to walk some of the jogs on the Fartlek - I am a stone heavier than my last marathon in March so I am struggling with the speed sessions but we have 11 weeks to goimage




  • Hey great going Jim, ive struggled with "lead legs" this week too.....thank goodness for thre 11 weeks hey!


  • I could not make the Friday tempo run so only 5 sessions last week - will try to get 6 in tn this week






  • Hey Jim, good to hear your still going strong. Dont worry about missing the odd session now and then.



  • Full 6 sessionss this week but the 28 Km was tough -click on image for full size




     Tuesday    27th August                                                       

      5 x 1km Repetitions with 2 mins walk recovery                                                       

    Wednesday   28th August                                                                             

    16 km easy run                                                          

    Thursday    29th August                                                                             

    10 km easy run                                                          

    Friday    30th August                                                                          

    8 x 300m Hill Sprints with job back recovery                                                  

    Saturday                                      31st August                                             

    10 km easy run                    .                                     

    Sunday 1st September                                                                             

    32 km easy run                  


  • Hill sprints sound tough going Jim ? What training program are you following again ?

  • Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of advice, have been running the last couple of years and have completed a number of races however I was injured for the best part of last year and didnt compete in many events. This year I have signed up for the Dublin Marathon Race Series and completed the 5 and 10 miler last weekend. WIll also do the half marathon in September. I would like to do the Dublin marathon in October but am wondering am I been too ambitious? It is 10 weeks away and am wondering if I have enough time to train, am using Hal Higdon at the minute? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi Shea, ive seen twleve week marathon training programs before........i guess it depends. On average how many miles do you run each week at the moment ?

  • SJPC14 - http://sjpc14.wordpress.com/ I am following Marathon Guru - It is pretty tough - did it last year - It does peak early and longest run is 5 or 6 weeks before the race but the two fast sessions each week sharpen you up

    Shea - You need to make sure you get the long runs in midweek and weekend - at this stage you need to get the miles inimage

  • Marathon Guru, not seen that one before. will have to look it up.


  • Hi guys thansk for the replies, Im not looking to set any records as its my first marathon, I just want to get around in one piece! Currently Im doing about 20-25 a week. However I will be uppingt hat this week and this weekend intend on doing 12 mile long run and up by 2 each week till I hit 20 miles. Not sure if that woul dbe aenough or should I do more than one 20 mile long run?

  • Shea - Last long run 3 weeks before or earlier - You should have at least one standstill week where the Weekend long run stays the same - Try to get 2 x 20 + 1 x 18 or 1 x20 and 2x18 in before the taper - Try to get midweek run up to 13 miles over the next few weeks - Remember to run them at least 45-60 seconds per mile below your projected MP


  • Shea there is a Dublin Novices Thread on www.Boards.ie

  • 20-25 miles a week will get you around, but as Jim says you need to be getting some big miles in. Long runs are anything over 14 miles really and again as jim says try and get some good miles in midweek, need plenty of runs of over an hour.

  • No worries Shea, the great thing about running, is your fellow runners want you to do well image

    And thanks for the threads Jim, i'll check them out as whilst im not new to the distance im new to the race itself.

  • A number of failures last week - only 15Km on midweek LSR due to time constraints and 30Km for Saturday run instead of 32Km - I left myself 5 x 1Km on Sunday but having done the warm up and stride throughs I knew after 400m of the first rep I had nothing in my legs so gave it up. Today, thank god, is a rest day.

     W/C 02/09/13 

    Monday Rest Day

    Tuesday 2 x 2km Repetitions with 4min recovery

    Wednesday 19 km easy run

    Thursday 10 km easy run

    Friday 8 km Race Pace (Tempo Run)

    Saturday 36 km easy run

    Sunday 10 km easy run


  • SEdanSEdan ✭✭✭

    Pleased with my training so far. Pace has improved at both ends as did a Parkrun in 19:48 on Saturday then first 20 mile long run on Sunday in 2:49 easy pace. I am optimistic of sub 3:25 now.

    I am loosely following the Pfitzinger 12/55 schedule although was trained for a 10k immediately before.

  • Dan

    My 30km on Saturday was 2:58 and I am looking for sub 3:45 so you seem to be well inside 3:25

  • Great times dan and im following pfitzinger, the 18/55 week schedule in Advanced Marathoning. Its the most running ive ever done per week and im feeling tried , but im on holiday soon.. Not good for trainining mind!! But it will refreash me and i will have a good five weeks training when i get back.......

    keep going Jim , i know how you feel about looking forward to rest days!!

    12 miles tonight!!

    Ran twenty miles with Richard Whitehead on Sunday!! Fantastic stuff and then met Andy Holgate last night, two legends in two days......great stuff!!

  • I'm out of the Dublin Marathon. It's a long winded story. Out running 6 weeks ago. Collapsed. In hospital for 2 weeks. Out and back to work now. But the result is no Dublin Marathon for me. image

  • James - Sorry to hear that - look after yourself - there are always other races to be run

  • James that is a shame!! As Jim says, take it easy, heal up well and smartly. Your health is the main thing and there will be plenty more finish lines to cross.


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