Dublin Marathon 2013



  • Hiya. Dublin will be second marathon. Training's gone a bit awry due to bad pain in my left leg calf muscles. Haven't run in a week, done lots of RICE etc, but am hoping to get back on it this weekend. Was planning two 20 milers but reducing this back to one. Keen to improve on my VLM time of 4:34!

  • Hello Geprgina and welcome to the forum.

    Still plenty of weeks till the big day, so dont worry about the odd break. I'm about to have two weeks away from running due to going on holiday, but with a mulitple of targets and five weeks to recover lost fitness when i return, im hopefully i should be ok. Plus i was in a similar situation last year and i still got a marathon PB.

    Have you been following a training program ? And i'm sure your get a PB, this is my 4th one and i found that it takes a few goes to master the distance and that in general you do improve your training and ultimatley your performance with each one. 


  • Hi SJPC14. That article's actually stuck up by my desk!! I've been following Hal Higdon Novice 2, having done Novice 1 for my first full marathon. Thanks for the re-assurance. I'm terrified of causing long term damage by running on a problem. 

    How long are other visitors staying in Dublin? I'm flying over with a non-runner to stay with friends in Maynooth, but have booked B&B near the start line for the night before. Flying home Monday evening to have Tuesday resting at home, before back to work.

  • I live 35 miles away so I will be driving in and back home to the Pub for a Bank Holiday drinkimage

  • No worries Georgina, im travelling over from England too, Going over on Saturday and booked self-catering near the start/finish travelling back either Monday or Tuesday not decided yet.

    Well on printing out that article. As long as you take it easy and don't do anything stupid , you would make the start line & most importantly finish. Listen to your body and be sensible, perhaps plan routes with few hills in them until you know you can run pain free.

    In and out again Jim, thats a nice luxury for you!! And then to the pub hey!! Lucky boy!

  • Hi Georgina how did you find the Hal Higdon novice 1 last time? im following it this year.

  • Hi!I'm looking forward to Dublin Marathon as I have heard there is a great craic and I can celebrate completing it with some guilt free Guinness!!

  • Hi Shea. I stuck to the long runs religiously but didn't manage all the mid-weeks. I was aiming for 4:30 and did 4:34 but had an energy burst at the end, so maybe with better pacing could have cracked 4:30. I think it was a good one to follow for first marathon. It's the week day runs that are hard to cram in. Trying to stick to those along with work and normal life is I think why I'm hurting!

  • Thanks for the feedback Georgina, sticking to it myself and hopefully will mange 4.30!

  • I managed all of my sessions last week until the LSR on the Sunday when I was down to do 36Km and only managed 9Km - My leds were aching all day and still sore this morning. I am not too worried about the 36Km as I have plenty of time to get some long runs in but I think I am going to drop to 5 sessions a week and have a day off before my weekend lomg run

    This is this weeks sessions although I will probably move Friday to Thursday- Rest Friday -32LSR saturday and 10Km Sunday

    Monday       Rest

    Tuesday      10th September             Monaghetti Fartlek 

    Wednesday 11th September           19 km easy run                                            

    Thursday      12th September          10Km Run  

    Friday           13th September           8 x 400M with 200M jog between each 

     Saturday       14th September          10Km Run  

    Sunday           15th September          32Km LSR



  • Hey all,

    Hope everyone's training is going well?

    I'll be running Dublin this year, it's my 3rd time around, my favourite marathon by a long shot, hoping to break 3:20 (but probably won't!), just the small matters of the Northampton Half and the Garmin Kingston 24miler to get out of the way first image

    Good luck everyone,


  • My training is in full flow and seems to be going well. It sounds as if I need to get some hill work sorted out for the lumpy bits towards the end though... Hope the hills aren't too big!

    So far I have only run the Brighton marathon (4 times now) but I'm really excited about coming to Dublin to run in your fair city.

    I'm flying over on the Friday and back on the Wednesday so am planning to include some gentle sight-seeing whilst visiting.


  • This will be my first marathon and I'm extremely excited/nervous. I went to Uni in Dublin so am looking forward to seeing some familiary sights. Hopeing for 4.15 but in reality, I'm hoping to finish in one piece. As well as usual training, I'm doing Cheltenham half marathon this weekend and Oxford half as a training run on the 13th October. I'd love some feedback from more experienced runners: my half marathon time is 1.42, but I know that I need to be careful with my pacing for the full marathon.

    Also, does anyone know if at Dublin there is a "pasta party" type thing at the running expo the day before? Thanks!

  • If I recall correctly there is usually some type of pasta party at the Marathon Expo in the RDS the day before.

    Sounds like you're getting some decent training in with all the half marathons. Have you done any longer runs?

    If you're worried about pacing yourself you can stick beside one of the pacers (they run with giant big balloons attached so you can keep track of them, each balloon has a different pace, usually in 15 minute increments e.g. 4:15, 4:00, 3:45 etc), this will stop you going off to fast.

  • Charlotte there is a pasta party and a breakfast run though I have never taken part in either - I think it is €5 for a plate of pasta at the Expo - Based on 1:42 for a half you should start with the 3:45 pacers and see how you feel - However if you did not register 3:45 or less when you entered you will not be in that starting pen and they do not allow changes as your BIB is coloured according to your finish time.

    Anne - there are no big hills - there is one hill after 8 mile at Chapelizoid after you leave Phoenix Park and there is Roebuck (Heartbreak) hill at 20 mile but the latter is not much of a hill - I posted a video of the route on an earlier post

  • Thanks! Pasta party will be useful for me as I'm not sure where I'll be staying and need to fuel up.

    I registered 4hrs as I didn't want to overface myself in my first marathon. I'm upping my long run distances in increments, up to 27km at a slow pace (6m.30/k pace) and will probably taper after the Oxford half with just a few shorter, faster runs between that and the big day.

    I went to UCD, so the last bit of the route will be a trip down memory lane for me, if I'm still able to notice my surroundings at that point!

  • My training's well and truly hit the rocks. With shin/calf pain I did no running for a week. Felt ok at parkrun this Saturday but took it easy and did a flatter course than normal. Encouraged, I intended to do 3 miles home on Monday but after half a mile decided to call it quits, pain was worse. So I've been resting again this week, will try again on Saturday. I've got two halfs coming up this month, and am hoping to get a 20 miler in on the 23rd. I've raced 6 halfs before so know I normally have that in the tank no problem, but I've never been this injured before. Depending how Saturday goes I'll try a decent length run on Sunday, maybe 8-10 miles. I'm beginning to think that if I don't feel capable of getting up to 13-15 miles by next week I could be forced to just visit Dublin as a tourist, not a runner this year...

  • Georgina, if your fitness is pretty good (sounds like it is) you should rest for a bit longer to let the pain ease, rather than pushing it now. I had TERRIBLE shin pain earlier in the year and a few weeks rest got me through Reading half in a good time. I know a half isn't a full, but if your fitness is there, you will probably get through despite some enforced rest time. Maybe swim instead if you can? Or bike if that is ok on your shins.

  • Georgina Is it time to change your runners - After 500 miles they can cause hin splints etc as they no longer have the bouce - Charlotte 4:00 pacers will e at the front of the second wave-Last year I started behind them and gradually overtook themas I tend to have a slower second half (last 5 miles) -  I managed to finish in front of them in 3:58 - Since then I did a 1:45 half in March and tried a 3:45 in Barcelona two weeks later but ran out of steam after 30Km so I plan to follow a similar strtegy this year but starting at the back of the first wave and trying to gradually catch the 3:45 pack (I am hoping for 3:42) but it all depends how you feel on the dayimage

  • Thanks Jim, that's good advice. image

  • Just joined forum today..coming down from armagh to do the dublin marathon..this will be my first marathon..going straight for the jugular as ive only ever done a 10k inthe 18 months since i started running.(10k time 46.39)..following hal higdon novice 2 programme and doin my long runs at 8.40 pace with a faster paced last mile..my 3 other runs during the wedk vary btween 7.40-8.15 pace...aiming for 3.50 marathon finish..am i being too optimistic and also could anyone who has done dublin marathon let me know does congestion at start cause problems
  • Sausageroll - There is quite a bit of congestion for the first few miles of the Marathon and it doesn't really clear until you are leaving the Phoenix park, if you are running with a pacing group the congestion will probably be worse as there are large numbers of people tagging along with the pacers. The congestion was much worse in the Barcelona marathon this year and I saw 4 other runners fall, trying to get a drink at the stations was like taking your life in your hands. Your 10Km is a good bit faster than mine but I have never raced a 10Km, my best half is 1:45 so if you are comfortable at 8:40 miles I think 3:45 should be in your range but it depends how much mileage you have got in

  • I managed 6 sessions last week although I changed my days and rest day around - I only managed 18Km on my midweek run due to being a bit late for an appointment, I called it a day at 30Km on my long run and I only managed 8Km of my 10Km run on Sunday but that was due to the weather conditions. This week I am due to start dropping my long runs down but I think I will try for a 32Km as I have not yet got a 20 Miler under my belt

    Monday  Rest

    Tuesday  5 x 1Km with 2mins recovery

    Wednesday 16Km Run

    Thursday  10Km Run

    Friday 4 x 800m with 2:30 walk recovery

    Saturday 10Km run

    Sunday 28Km Run

  • That's great training, Jim. You're definitely going to be ready for 28th October.

  • Jim your training is tougher looking than mine..im not long in from a tempo 5 miler..5 again tmorr and thursday too..rest day friday and my first 20 miler on saturday..looki g forward to that...yes jim a fella i know told me same about the pacer guys and the congestion behind them..think ill just go wiv the flow first 4-5 miles and then look out for a sub 4 or 3.45 pacer and tag along..
  • The race is started in waves, the first wave is for runners between 2:10 and 3:45 - I will be starting at the back of that wave - If you did not put 3:45 as your expected time you will be in the second wave - If that is the case I think you should try to get at the front of that wave and then you should have a relatively uncongested start but even then you will find a couple of tight bends at the start where the sheer volume of people will cause you to mark time on a few occasions - expect to drop 5-10 seconds in your first couple of miles on your projected time


  • Yeah ive registered with the second wave whichi think is the 3.50-4.15 group..ill try and get up to the front of that pack and take it from there..thanks jim..
  • Scheduled for my 20 miler this sunday morn but have a head cold now since tuesday..got a 5 mile easy paced 39.34 done today.. and tuesday a 5 mile tempo 2 reps of 1 miles at 6.45 min per mile pace...gonna do a 5 miler tmor at marathon pace 8.40 and rest saturday..hope cold not as bad sunday morn...wanna be at max physically and mentally..fingers crossed...
  • Sausage Roll - Do you not have a midweel long slow run? Most programs have a 10+ miler midweek as well

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