grade 1/level 1 calf strain - getting back to running

3 weeks or so ago i was running 4 miles and 100 m to home my calf left calf went pop. seen a physio who identified the problem and nerve damage going back to a serious fall i had in november [ i rested for 6 weeks and swam most days and got back to running in feb]. i have followed the advice given and the exercises suggested and my legs do feel stronger . physio said their were no problems with my trainers .i always stretch both before and after a run . i have tried a walk run the other night and my legs ached understandably but i want to get back to running . should i stay with walk / run , then move to running or run shorter distances ? the other thing is i am afraid of my calf going again as the pain was unique to put it mildly - should i just go for it ?

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