Journey to a sub 17 minute 5k



  • A guy I know who's a friend of a friend (and who dips under 60 mins for 10 miles in the 55-59 cat) always said to me start at a steady tempo for the first few miles and then ramp it up bit by bit. Although I never stuck to his advice. image

  • Started the interval training last night Tony, 4 x 1k with 90 seconds recovery, 3:55, 4:06, 4:16 & 4:07.

  • Nice work Runningeez. How often are you going to do interval training?

    Running Late I have been reading on Fetcheveryone the sub 1.30 forum. The advice on the forum from sub 90 min HM runners is to start out at 6:45/6:48 pace to allow for Garmin misreading the distance and to have a buffer. So I'm going to look to hit 34m at 5 miles and 67:30/68mins at 10 miles. 

  • *I meant Runningeez I have......

  • 1:29:17 unofficial time. Absolutely buzzing!

  • Race Report

    Best running feeling I've had. When I went under 20 mins for 5k for the first time I felt a sense of achievement but nothing compared to the feeling I had crossing the line today.

    Up at 6am this morning to have water, coffee and a small bit of toast. Got to the starting area at about 7am and did a small warm up as I was going to use the first mile to get my heart rate up. Into the pen at 7.40am for a start time of 8am. I felt nervous and excited at the start but completely ready.

    Splits 7:03 / 6:55 / 6:46 / 6:38 / 6:38 / 6:34/ 6:49 / 6:48 / 7:21 / 6:29 / 6:55 / 6:53 / 6:49 / 41secs

    I really had to hold back in the first couple of miles to stop myself going out too fast. The 1st mile was uphill so I wanted to feel really comfortable at such an early stage. Pushed on at mile 3 and developed a stitch which lasted until mile 10. I have had a few stitches when I've raced before so it didn't bother me too much. Through 5 miles I was behind the 34 minute I had set myself but a couple of quicker splits at mile 4 and 5 gave me confidence that I could pick make up the time.

    From 6m to 8m I really got in to a relaxed running pace and even had a chat with a fellow runner about their predicted time. Mile 9 split was slow because of a hard steep hill but I told myself to make the time up on the downhill stretch. 10m split (6:29) was epic because I knew it gave me a chance to break 90 mins going in to the last 5k.

    It was hard to know my exact time at 10m because my Garmin wasn't the same as the mile markers. IIt was about 68 mins though. Now I needed a strong 5k finish. Having the ability to run 19:05 5k was something I drew when I was in pain. From mile 12 onwards I really started to hurt. My legs were tightening up and my breathing was getting really heavy. I thought I was near the finish line and then had to run down Bournemouth Pier and back again which mentally I found tough as I thought the pain was going to be over. The 1st lady sprinted past me at this point and that helped me to push on back up the pier.

    I've worked out the last 5k was 21:18 but felt sub 17mins. I clenched my fists and shouted yes when I crossed the finish. My Garmin says 1:29:17 so my chip time will probably be a couple of seconds either way. Thanks to this forum for giving me such a clear picture of what I needed to do on the day.

    I'm in the sub 90mins club and it feels good!

  • Good report Tony nice run , welcome to the sub 90 club,time to set a new goal now for next time  image

  • Thank you Leslie.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭


  • Thanks Nayan. image

  • Well done, thats why running is so amazing that you can get such a high from it. Sub 1.30 is a cracking time, so whats your next target?

  • Thanks Running. I have 2 targets - sub 40 min 10k and sub 18 min 5k

  • If you can do under 1.30 hm then a sub 40 10k must be well within reach. Is your plan now to change your training schedule to focus on these shorter distances? Personally for me my training doesnt differ that much but just wondered what your approach was going to be

  • Same really. Just some quicker intervals.

  • Did you break 19 mins yet Tony for the 5k ?, I havent quite got there yet despite a few tries recently .

  • Still on 19:05 as my PB at 5k. Hoping to smash that now I'm focusing more on the 5k rather than the HM. What's your PB Leslie at 5k?

  • Its 19:19 now  so a bit to go yet but the parkrun course is a bit hilly so not an ideal pb course ..excuses excuses image just more work needed I guess image

  • I run at the Poole Parkrun which is quick and flat so lucky really. The Bournemouth Parkrun is a bit hillier which I've run once.

  • Running Late Again:

    If you can do under 1.30 hm then a sub 40 10k must be well within reach. Is your plan now to change your training schedule to focus on these shorter distances? Personally for me my training doesnt differ that much but just wondered what your approach was going to be

    By WAVA stats a sub 40 10km is harder than a sub 90 HM or a sub 20 5k. But definitely within reach!

  • Well done Tony thatawe great news, I enjoyed reading the report as well. Remember as I said if you want to go faster remember the Wokingham Half, fast and flat. 

    BTW I'm running intervals once a week with couple of Tempo runs thrown in and a couple of easy runs. Good luck with the sub 40 10k as well I'm sure you'll do it.

  • Well done by the way!

  • Thanks to you all.

  • Back to training since the race. Easy 5 miles yesterday and a 5x1k interval session with 90secs rest today. Interval splits below - 

    Split Summary
    1) 0.62m - 3:57(6:21/m) 72cal
    2) 0.06m - 1:30(26:45/m) 6cal
    3) 0.62m - 4:10(6:43/m) 72cal
    4) 0.07m - 1:30(21:11/m) 8cal
    5) 0.62m - 3:58(6:24/m) 71cal
    6) 0.07m - 1:30(22:02/m) 8cal
    7) 0.62m - 3:59(6:25/m) 72cal
    8) 0.07m - 1:30(22:37/m) 8cal
    9) 0.62m - 4:12(6:45/m) 73cal
    10) 0.09m - 1:30(15:57/m) 10cal

  • Gave the 5x 1000m a go this morn came in a round 6 min/mile pace but ive been doing 10x300 sprints at near flat out this last 2 weeks as well which seems to have made these easier .

    The days after really are recovery runs though I can barely break 9 min miles now with tired legs (usually do 8's or under ) and my long run is 7 miles down from 10 but maxig it up a bit can only help as ive no halfs till march 14 .image

  •   Ran in the 1st Boscombe Winter Series 5k tonight. Really windy so decided to use the run as more of a training run. So went out steady and picked it up in the last 3km. Ran 19:52 and satisfied with the time.


    1) 1m - 6:39(6:38/m) 136/172bpm 66cal
    2) 1m - 6:23(6:23/m) 175/179bpm 110cal
    3) 1m - 6:09(6:09/m) 177/180bpm 107cal
    4) 0.12m - 42(5:35/m) 181/183bpm 12cal

    The series is best 4 of 6 races so I know the conditions and my fitness will improve.

    Time to get on with some dedicated 5k training.
  • Leslie I'll try the 300m sprints next week. Sounds like a good workout to get the legs turning over. what rest are you having between 300m

  • 100m really slow around 45 to 50 secs Tony.
  • Hey Tony, thought you may have pitched up at my local Parkrun (19/10/2013) as we had a visitor who runs the Poole Parkrun. Might give your 10 x 300m intervals Leslie, was going to do 10 x 200m tomorrow or Wednesday, but the 10 x 300 sounds good.

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