Wednesday 17th April

When everybody else refrained


What something short and slow
Why pneultimate taper run
Lyrics no reason, just like the guitar rifts

Feeling that everything is coming together nicely now. Hope everyone else is in a similar position.


  • Morning.

    Yesterday's lyrics were Hope by Emeli Sande.

    Enjoy that feeling postie!

    Hope your girls are safely with you Wabo.

    What:              swim/sauna/smt
    Why:               still trying to fix my back
    Last hard:        tapering isn't easy
    Last rest:         14/4

    Lyrics - yes.

  • morning all,
    what - 7 or 8 steady hopefully
    why - midweek 'effort'. Did club session yesterday 20x150m off 50m recovery (as Parlauf) but still struggling a bit with the fast stuff owing to the sciatic niggle.
    Back on the hockey ball today.
    last rest - monday
    last hard - yesterday
    lyric - dont think so


  • postie postie wrote (see)

    When everybody else refrained

    Morning What something short and slow
    Why pneultimate taper run
    Lyrics no reason, just like the guitar rifts Feeling that everything is coming together nicely now. Hope everyone else is in a similar position.


    I wish I could say that, postie. But the more I think about what pace I ought to run the more confused I get and the more I think "I can't do this". Typical pre-race nerves. But 26.2 is just such a darn long distance and so much can go wrong.

    what: 5 miles alternating easy and MP
    why: paranoid about pace!
    last hard: digesting the Boston pics
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: yep

  • morning all

    My girls are here from Peru!!!! Oh boy I am tired but so happy, my little granddaughter loves me! so much so she was standing on my belly at 1.40 this morning...

    LMH, hope all ok with you, I decided that my scheduled run this morning should not happen, lack of sleep and being oh so sensible.  For the first time I am amazingly calm about this whole taper lark. DOn't know why, I am more worried  now about the extra security causing problems getting to the start! 

    lyrics no

    what: I may do a little couple of miles off road later

    why: because

    last hard: yesterday am

    last easy: staying up ridiculously late with a gorgeous little bubba!

    have agood day all


  • Quick 2k swim d&d. into running gear for a 6 mile session and shite - forgot my shoes. Will have to fit it in later - only snag - turbo session in my schedule...... I'll work something out.

    Things could be a whole lot worse


  • Evening all (writing from New Zealand)

    what: 10 miles moderate speed on trail
    why: training for 14mile adventure trail run in 2 weeks
    last hard: 10km mountain run (on actual lord of the rings landscape - very cool)
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: nope

    Have a good day everyone - I'm off to bed! image

  • What: nothing going to local amateur performance of Oliver"
    Why: work night out
    Last hard: Monday
    Last rest: yesterdayLyrics: yet again no

  • Afternoon all.

    Terrible about Boston.

    Glad they're with you safely Wabo.  How old is Cleo now?

    Joined the gym yesterday.  10 miles on the spin bike done.  Hip is a bit sore today, so a rest day probably.

    Apart from the back, how are you feeling LMH?

  • Hello Sole

    I managed to steal 6 miles at lunch..... SSSSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhh.. I took longer off than I should have.

  • emzap cleo is 20 months old and a total delight! funny funny little thing, she could not stop laughing last night when she heard me say Chana Masala (yes my daughter was desperate for curry)

    hi solerunner, your running sounds amazing!

  • 5.16 commute into work at a comfortable pace , not fast but not too slow either.

    chick hope you're going to lay off the mp now until Sunday. What are your plans for the rest of the taper?

  • welcome Solerunner image- I love NZ .......

    postie: no more MP as of now. Plan is 3 miles tomorrow and Saturday. And rest on Friday. If I get too itchy I'll do another 3 on Friday too but all relaxed and easy.

  • Have you been followinng P&D too then Chick ?

  • Welcome Solerunner - I'm not jealous of your weather and scenery at all - much!

    Wabo - glad they are safely with you. How long do you have to enjoy them? A missed run now is making no difference, better to be rested and refreshed.

    Paddy - which/whose schedule?

    I'm feeling remarkably relaxed emzap, I guess that one thing a less than perfect build up does is to take the pressure off. I'm going to have a lovely day out regardless. If that results in a PB - fantastic - if it doesn't then I've raised nearly £1000 for two charities I believe in and had a weekend with my friend in London too - what's not to look forward to?

    Chickadeee - believe in the training. You've put the work in, it will either be your day or not and you may not know which it is until you cross the finish line!

    Swim and sauna eased back again and smt has put some dynamic tape on my back which seems to be off loading it quite effectively, she has offered to redo it on Friday  - despite not working - but unfortunately unless I'm really desperate I doubt I will be able to make the time to make it over to her home. Hopefully the stuff I have on will stay on, she tells me that it can last for two weeks including showering etc so fingers crossed. Legs have been pronounced 'good to go'.

  • Evening!

    Nice attitude, LMH!

    Hi, Solerunner!

    And hello again, Cleo!

    What: 32 mins brisk walk. Would have been pleasant but for the wind, which i trust will have blown itself out ready for the weekend's marathons.
    Why: cautious day having perhaps overdone things on Monday, and I found last night's 20 mins tough, although it wasn't on the easiest course.

    Lyrics: no!

  • I'm planing a run tomorrow Alehouse but the forecast is for the winds to be gusting above 40mph all day so I may have to resort to the treadie - which is really not what I wanted.

  • Evening!  Just 4 miles very easy today - mentally exhausted as I had the biggest job interview of my life earlier this morning - I got it!  Am now the Senior Deputy Head of the school, very exciting times ahead!  image

  • Congratulations donaldo!

  • Thanks!  As long as I still have time to train, that's the main thing!!! image

  • Congratulations donaldo!


  • Well done Don! Make sure you are in charge of timetabling to good training and racing effect!

  • Well done on the job Donaldo.

    Hello Sole runner.

    I've not been avidly following the thread because I've been shocked into doing a daily training session. All because I realised that I was going to the bank and only making withdrawals. Already I've put in my biggest run training (7d) week this year and it's still Wednesday. Each run has been only 6 miles, but at least it's fantastic weather.

    Good luck for Sunday y'all.


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