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I know this has been covered a million times but I seem to have ITBS. I'm running the Rat Race dirty weekend on May 11th. I've been training since January and I've completed a few 15 mile runs. I've been doing the stretches and the strength exercises for the glutes, hip abductors etc. I took a week off and went for my first run last night. I couldn't get further than 4 miles without the pain coming back.

I'm getting a bit concerned now, this is my first event and I've been doing pretty well in training until now. I've also raised £250 for Cancer Research so I don't want to let anyone down.

The race is 20 miles and 200 obstacles and I'm a bit unsure what to do. Do I take a couple of weeks off running and keep up the strength and stretching exercises or should I incorporate short runs and try to build them up? What would you do?



  • I use a foam roller and when my ITB issues were bad I used it 3 times a day and it cleared up within a few weeks. I also practise the 'clam' pilates move (youtube it).

    You could also try K tape and consider shoes, gait analysis etc to give uou a clearer idea of what it is - have you had a formal diagnsois from a professional and is it worth it, rather than thinking that's what you have when you may be wrong (with all due respect of course!).

    Good luck I hope it clears up enough for you to enjoy the run - I'd love to do one!!

  • I am going to get booked in at a local physio. I'm hoping they'll analyse my gait and give me some advice. At this point I'd do anything to be pain free on race day.

  • I had a problem with my ITB last January. It was at the outside of my knees. I used a stretch from Running Well and that cleared it up a treat. Use that now pre-runs and I've *touches wood* not had a problem since.

  • Well I went to the physio. Thought I better get a professional oppinion. Weak TFL  and glutes in my case so with some stretches and strength stuff (mostly what I've been doing with a couple of extra exercises) I should be ok. Just have to start of with low mileage and build up again. I really recommend going to see somebody if anyone is having problems, if nothing else it put my mind at easy and gave me a clear idea of how to sort it out and continue training.

    I'm going to start off with a 3 mile run tonight and try to build it back up to a long run of 15 or so if I can over the next 2.5 weeks.

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