Sunday is my first marathon and I have just been diagnosed with gout in my big toe (unbelievable since I don't drink alcohol and think I'm v healthy!) Anyway, I have been taking Indometacin since Monday which have helped, the pain is much less but still there. Does anyone have any advice on how it manage the pain on marathon day? Should I ditch the indometacin on that day and dose up on nurofen/paracetamols? Any advice on when and how many to take? Any other tips gatefully received! Thanks


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Did you discuss your marathon plans with your doctor?  TBH, my first reaction was to say that you really need a medical opinion rather than some internet advice, then out of curiosity I googled it and found this:


    Now I'd say you defnitely need to discuss it with your doctor!


  • You don't want to take indomethcin OR ibuprofen (Nurofen) on the day (before, during or in the hours immediately following before your hydration and electrolyte status stabilises) - NSAIDs affect your kidneys and are a bad idea in combination with either dehydration or hyponatraemia - either of which might happen, depending on your hydration strategy. Paracetamol in moderation is safer in this respect. Discussing with your GP would be good, but will probably simply lead to the advice that you ditch the marathon...

  • Cherries are reasonable natural anti gout remedies, as is staying well hydrated. That's just experience from a fellow sufferer.

    I did a 10K once whilst recovering from an acute dose of gout, it wasn't pretty and it wasn't bright. 1 hour 15 when I was capable of 50 mins on a good day.

    I wouldn't attempt a marathon in the acute phase personally.

    I do, however, sympathise.

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    Lots of vitamin C between now and then and you may be ok. Vit C pills or lots of orange/cherry juice, stay well hydrated and ibuprofen as required up to the day but not on the day. Best to do as Debra said cut out all med's the day before too. Cut red meat, beer, wine completely. Attacks can last 2-3 days so you should be ok or much improved. It may still hurt but won't stop you running - depends on your tolerance of pain!

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