brooks Pure 2 range

I've been a fan of the Brooks Pure range, with 5 pairs of the Original cadence. However, something about the V2s that feels odd. I own a pair of grit 2s and have tried the Cadence 2 and this morning the Drift. They all feel like they're pushing my feet/ankle towards the medial side. It's as if the lateral side of the sole is higher.

Strange. Not 100% convinced with these latest models


  • I'm pretty sure the sole on the pure cadence 2 is exactly the same as on the 1
  • Theoretically the sole is the same. But I have the same sort of trouble with Flow 2 - rolling inside despite never being a pronator and running neutral in all other shoes inclusing more minimal than flows. I wonder if the changes in the upper - more stiff IMO) make the difference.

    I didn't feel that with drifts though - just found them generally awkward. 

    Very frustrating. 

  • I've got the pure connects and I think the sole is different but the weird shape of the upper is doing strange things to me. They're OK, and indeed much better since I put elastic laces on them, but I've bought a pair of v1s for cheap for my next pair...
  • Sole is the same, I mean.
  • out of desperation am going to try elastic laces, but also considering getting a version 1 of flows. Frustrated about having wasted good money on trainers that have even little casual use, due to crazy colour :/
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