Should I replace my shoes?

I have had my Nike Lunarglide +4's since October and they have done me proud.  I lvoe running in them but note that some of the pads are showing signs of wear.  (I have alledgly run 175K in them accoridng to my apps).

Judging by this photo do you think I should replace them or am I ok for a bit longer?




  • 175 kilometers?! About 100-110miles? They really should be good for another few hundred kilometers at least. The tread barely looked touched to me. The manufacturers normally suggest you can get somewhere in the range of 300-500 miles out of a pair, I would hope to get a lot more than that. 

    It's a personal preference thing really, it doesn't matter so much how they look it's how they feel to you. If you want to buy a new pair then do and just rotate your runs between the old pair and new pair. When the old pair feel bad or you're not recovering as well after a run in them that's the time to retire them. 

  • If in doubt buy another pair. Then you can rotate them. If you can't feel any difference then they are still good.
  • Thanks for the help. That's really useful.
  • Barely worn in! Nowt wrong with them,but if they are ood for you get another pair
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