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I've been looking at buying a 'small items' belt for running. I had it narrowed down to the Nathan, the iFitness and the Flipbelt when I had a bit of a brainwave!

These are few and far between, so I was quite shocked.

Instead of paying 40-50 dollars, pounds or euro's I went to the local stationery store and bought myself a childs zip-up pencil case! I've used safety-pins to secure it to my shorts (yeah yeah I'm a bloke) and it really works a treat. The case cost 80cents and it's big enough for my phone, ID, keys cash and other bits of 'stuff' that I feel I need to carry with me.

Just thought I'd share image


  • That's genius. Just make sure the pins don't rub.

    Sports Direct have a Karrimor version of the SPI belt for a fiver.

    And you can get it in union flag colours !
  • Nice bit of inginuity there!  I got my Flipbelt at Sports Basement for about $15.  Great purchase. image

  • Pinning stuff to your shorts adds weight to them and I really wouldn't want gravity to kick in when my shorts are involved...

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