Running on empty stomach or?

I like running straight away after i wake up, on empty stomach... The problem is that i've started to run longer distances like 12 to 16k, and last time I really came home exhausted and my energy levels were really low... I started to read more about running and I understood how important is actually to fuel up before the run, but i don't have time to do it in the morning... That's why i did some market research and i've discovered "Maxifuel Viper Active", something which would be for me like a soluble breakfast before my run. And now the questions: 1. Do you think it is a good idea? 2. Does anyone have any experience with that product or use that product before the run? Thaks a lot!


  • Well if it works for you, all well and good. That's the bottom line.image

    I get runner's trots something chronic (sorry) so tend to avoid solid food before a run, but a mug of chocolate soya milk and another of OJ I can tolerate. Also I sometimes take energy gels or shot blocks on the run and/or stop for a drink and/or chunk of chocolate or whatever at a newsagent.

    The running-specific products are more worthwhile when you're trying to eke out that last percentage point of improvement in a race. For general training needs, carbs is carbs and yer regular food and drink will do the job just fine.

    However as you get more used to running those distances you won't feel the need for fuelling so much before or during - as long as you're eating sensibly in general. 

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    I've run on empty up to 22 miles. It's perfectly fine to do so. All these energy drinks are a waste of money, you can easily make something yourself that is just as good for a fraction of the cost.

    if you are feeling fatigued, which isn't anything too serious, then just make sure that you have had a decent meal the day before, I'm not talikg carb loading, just make sure that you don't skip your evening meal.


  • Thanks for opinion, Fido, btw., have you tried coconut milk instead of soya? I've heard that it is a natural electrolyte source...

  • I never skip my evening meal, also i know that it should be rich in low-GI carbs night before, just the longer distance i run, the less energy i have in the last 5k of the run, i'd say it is also very individual, and also i forgot to mention that I run only on so far I'm only weekend runner, but i'd like to go for a half marathon in July, so now i'm more interested into it... And another thing - I'm a big sweater, i really sweat a lot, so i'd say i need a lot of electrolytes to replace..

  • I do all morning runs of up to 13k/8mile (around an hours running for me) on an empty stomach, especially when I'm trying to get my weight down in the weeks before a race!
  • I'm not fussed one way or the other, if running on the morning (usually on weekends) I'll go out on an empty stomach or maybe a slice or two of toast. My usual runs are evening time though, after work, where I've been eating all day.

    Ran 7 miles tuesday night after eating a massive chicken fajita literally 2 minutes before I went out the door (the missus had cooked without knowing I was going for a run so I ate it anyway) and apart from a couple of spicy chicken burps I was fine. Definitely made me aware of just how much food you can have and still get away with it. image

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