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Hello guys, I'm looking for a post-run shake-mix that acts as a recovery but also doubles up as a weight-loss agent too!

My last tub of Science in sport banana recovery is empty.  Wasn't overly impressed with it, but maybe I wasn't using it as I should have been.

16 and a half stone and I'm trying to get down to my ideal weight of 13.5!  Any tips welcome!


  • I just have a milk shake after long (15 miles and over) runs.

    Less than that and I'll eat normally.

    I can't see how a protein shake would help you lose weight ? It's all calories.

    Run more. Eat less.
  • David Shearan wrote (see)

    16 and a half stone and I'm trying to get down to my ideal weight of 13.5!  Any tips welcome!

    are you 6'6"

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Water. image If I'm feeling reckless plj in my water.

  • Abandon shakes! No need, they're for folks who want to put extra muscle mass on, not people who want to lose fat.

  • I am using Coconut milk with a scoop of vanilla whey with frozen mixed berries blitzed in.  It's pretty low in carbs though.


    Fills me up and after 10 years of trying to drop 7 lbs - it has effortlessly melted off in the last few months since I started 2 shakes a day as a recovery aid in my training.  

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Last time I drank coconut milk I came out in a rash from head to foot. image

  • Yes Skotty I'm 6'6".  Thanks for the replies so far - they're interesting

  • I hate milk - just a personal thing - I sometimes use almond milk.


    I'm not anti dairy or anything. looooove coconut milk though.  My better half uses a myprotein whey and carb mix - Recovery XS - again vanilla - and he just mixed it with milk.  He is a big fan - we are both leaner than ever before - however I prob should disclose we are training for our first Ironman so training hours are a little bit higher than normal. (although not that much). 

  • Protein is useful for recovery following strenuous exercise to help muscles repair and become stronger (not necessarily bigger) and reduces aching the following day (DOMS?).  You don't need much and a glass of milk/milkshake of food derived (chicken etc) will have some benefit if consumed soon after exercise.  It isn't just for bodybuilding!  It is about the right balance with replacing energy stores (carbs) and helping muscles recover but not overdoing it, especially if you are aiming for weight loss.  Only my opinion though.

  • I am a night time snacker and I have found replacing 'supper' with a protein shake (only 150 cals) stops me snacking on a ton of rubbish. 

  • Some soya milk on cornflakes and fruit is what I have after a run, replaces glycogen and a little protein. Cut out fat and eat less. Drinking lots of water helps. Carbs with in 15 minutes of run is what I try for as this is when the muscles are most receptive for glycogen replacement, so I've read. My experience of weight loss is that you just have to be hungry sometimes.

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